50 Cent To See Lyrics

Step Right in Man
Yo he here? You know what that means!
Shooow Timmmee!
Whats up yall (ciara,Tpain),
I wanna thank yall for coming out
My main goal 2night is to get (50 cent to see)

(1st Verse)
I am the coldest spitter alive.
Frigerator flows ,Ice cube eyes.
Miss Chilly willy the North Pole resident.
Im Colder Than Keisha so you can say Im heaven sent.
(Must Be heaven)
No 1 shall come after
If she a was cold, ya still couldn't catch her.
If she ghost name would be casper...
Cuz yall cant see her like the letter after..

B. so so sick...
C. cold cold chick
D. Stroy Over with.

I'm no longer taking that what's in the toilet.....
I done lived through the chicken noodle, lived through the lip gloss.
Even when I was well still gave you the sick bars
Even when the deal failed brushed it off kicked off
Punt return yall gone learn everyone gets picked off..

How these other rapper feel don't bother me, cuz you know I only really want (50 cent to see)
And Lloyd banks is cool with me but if I had a choice I would want (50 cent to see)
I love eminem Dr Dre & Jimmy I-V but when it comes to my cd I want (50 cent to see)
Haha I know that boy gone love this joint , what up Fif

(2nd Verse)
Sh sh sh sh sheeeee unit
I'm what the game missing
Catch me on the milk carton...
Kidnapped spitting..
Somebody better call F.B.I....
Still Extra Fly..Held hostage in Iraq
Here I am..
Hip Hop 1st lady Here where Stand.
Where My Man..
I'm a problem similar to 6 times 8...
If 40 want to battle then 40 got ate.
Woulda gave it to dirty Yanna but shorty light weight.. ..
I keep a clock on my hip no time to waste..
I'm on another level.., I crush sign artist.....
Not just rappers I Touch Don Imus...
I shut down liars..
Spazzed on Jive Record for signing that wack chick..
And passed right by us....
Me and 3 other nice chicks...
But still aint sell, that was priceless....
I'm the most hated around my town.
But I dont give a charlie brown .... peanuts....
We what the hood Plan to Be....
Souldiggaz Roundtable toe tag city family....
Unlce K and Bless Corte Sam and me..
Got the streetz covered like a canapee...
And you know that I'm plastick out.
Cold hard & shiny that's it Out..

T,I & Luda run the south you see but when it comes to up north I want (50 cent to see)
Homeboy struggle remind me of me
So at the end of the day I want (50 cent to see)
Jigga my nizza so is weezy believe me I want(50 cent to see)
Heyy Heeyy Heeyy
If your a female O.G. Don't worry bout me cause I run under 21 and I want (50 cent to see)
I toured with Bow Wow in 2003 but now its 0-9 and I want (50 cent to see)
You heard all the rest and now you hear me and I'ma try my best just to get (50 cent to see)

Naw man I was just playing I really want to get Ja-rule to see.........Sike........loooool

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