Mina Knock - Gettin' Mine (feat. Katie MC Cabe)


Gettin' Mine Lyrics (feat. Katie MC Cabe)

[Intro x4]
You have a hit
first time
won't be long

[Verse 1]
Uh, yeah
Back in the D-A-Y, all I did was get high
Me and the homies getting faded skipping class at Venice High
I was, just a youngin' with my whole life in front of me
A whole lot of partying and driving round drunkenly
I probably guess a lot hasn't changed
But in my brain, still trying maintain
While doing my own thing
With the money on my mind now
I getting mine now, you talking shit, shit,
Don't let me find out

Cause I'm up now
I'm so high, If your hating,
I don't mind, your just wasting, your time
Cause I'm getting mine, yeah, I'm getting mine

[Verse 2]
And for them haters I ain't got the patience to deal with them Ignoramus statements you be making, call me inpatient
Bitch I'm blatant
I ain't hating I'm on one, I aint tripping I got funds
Put that payment on that BM and drove into the sun
What you want? switch from the Jaymo to a sell bought bottle(not sure on this line)
Get my dick sucked on the way home feel like a won the lotto
Im impossible to impress
And I'm not just kickin' it fresh
Just hold on let me get 1 sec
I'mma show you what I can do next
I"m bout to kill it till they say that I'm the dopest,
You talkin' all that dumb shit ain't f**kin' up my focus,
I know this is probably the only thing that matters,
Kick all that dumb shit till my pockets get fatter
I'm good(I'm good)

[Hook x2]
Did what I did to get it free,
Did what I did to do me,
And everybody sees it,
I'm the one who dreamed it,

Did what I did to get it free,
Did what I did to do me, (That's right)
And everybody sees it,
Im the one dreamed it,

Yeah, i cant wait to walk up in the crib and say mom i made it,
Take her to the dealership
And let her pick her favorite,
Cant wait to look at pops in the eyes
Stop telling lies,
I said i got it on lock
So quit your nine to five,
I've be dreaming of this moment
Since a youngin'
Check into the hotel and tip and them all a hundred,
Order up some room service
Homie chilling grubbing
And I jump inside the Lambo, it sound like it ain't nothing,
Shit that sounds good

Cause I'm up now,
I'm so high
If your hating,
I don't mind
Your just wasting,
Your time,
Cause I'm getting mine, yeah, Im getting mine

[Verse 3]
Cause I ain't never had shit
Thats the reason that I'mma go-getter
f**k being a lame quitter,
Lil motherf**ker I know better,
Im so better than all ya',
I can't wait to show this shit off,
Make room for me to fly out motherf**ker I'mma bout' to lift off,
Im pissed off,
Ive been drinking,
Hell yeah I've done been smoking,
Im sorry for being the realest out,
But god I'm just so open,
Im potent with this rap flow,
Talking shit you asshole,
My mom said knock you out
So best believe i threw that last blow,
And this right here it feels like its the anthem,
So everytime you hear it throw your motherf**king hands up,
And stand up and everybody raise your drink now,
Cheers to me killing this someone should pour their drink out I'm gone.

[Hook x2]
Did what i did to get it free,
Did what I did to do me,
And everybody sees it,
Im the one who dreamed it,

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Record Label(s): 2013 Mina Knock
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