The Federation
Mike Dece


The Federation Lyrics (feat. Denzel Curry)

[Verse 1: Mike Dece]
Slidin' out 32, pistol regurgin' you
Taking lives faster than bops that keep hurting you
I am not urging you, serve what I'm servin' to keep my mind straight and my plate full of holy food
Shots to your head like I'm Holyfield
Pistol beside me, my holy shield
All of this smoke keep me growing ill
Ho, I don't give a f*ck, cause I cannot feel
After the shit that I've been through
Demons deprivin' my mental
Kill them like candidates that could have done the thing
But they done done nothing for you
I murk you gladly juug for your packs again, smoke em until my face sore too
Another galaxy, I am a magistrate we love our guns and our hoes too
Motherf*cker, I don't know you
Motherf*cker, you don't know me
Mike Dece I have been running in houses and robbin' since I was like fifteen
Hittin' licks with the AR-15s and I'm killin' so clean that it's crispy
Still C$PG till the CC, and I am still the block man, do you see me?
This is the place I'm residing and it will be the place that I'm dying
I pray that you faggots will try me and I will leave this whole f*ckin' club slimy
I don't have no time for decidin', I only break bread with my family
Always keep my pistol beside me, you are not f*ckin' with my f*ckin' family!

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
I only break bread with my brethren, money same color, Namekian, couple green nuggets Namekians, but you can't f*ck with a veteran
Niggas can't f*ck with the federation
f*ck what you heard, we the federation
Take a photo like my nigga Sagan
Super Saiyan slayin' to these salty niggas like they Himalayan
Bands like I'm Kado
Ketchup, no tomato
Makin' paper rage it to mister rager
Bitches won't cut it, cut it butter curry and no kamikaze
Head is in the clouds, I'm not Eddy Murphy
I'm master like Percy Miller
It is the Ultimate, Curry the killer
Caught it in the spot, I'm a armadillo
On the ground, like a black, middle cigarillo, smoking' f*ckin dro
Makin' O's, like connect 4, on these hoes
Put it down in her esophagus
She know that my flow is extravagant
Too much money you'd think that I worship the Baphomet -- (NAH)
Preposterous, you are the offering
Obvious cause an apocalypse bumpin' 2Pacalypse
I'm the Goku that's made outta chocolate
If you makin' money then I'm clockin' it now
Keep it on tour, gotta get bust, I'mma get buff
f*ck a rich slut, deep in the gut
Bust nuts then I'm out like what, what! Like DMX what
For a f*ck nigga, who wanna PMS
You ain't ever seen a real nigga ride BMX
f*ck with the family, gang and ex then I'm at your neck with a f*ckin' tec
The rest I can say is C9 is the future and hatin' ass niggas can suck a dick
We the federation, we the federation

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Songwriter(s): Denzel Curry, Mike Dece
Record Label(s): 2015 Mike Dece
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