My Breath Away Lyrics

our second night alone. Already I'm damn depressed. I need something inspiring. I need something to take my breath. Without a body next to me. I talk in tongue across the blank mattress. There's too much air in here, for one man to transfer on his own. Well I'm done waiting here, but there ain't no place to go. I used to want to change my name, even change my clothes just to be a shinning star, but you've got me all burnt out. do you remember when all we had to do was move and grin? And we grew, choosing the golden path. They don't tell you, that it leads this far south. So hold on to all the little things. Simple and full of free feelings. Stay soft, when you're given the chance. Cause roads will end, but you will always love and dance. See I'm ready to move on it, seems the world has been shut off. When they saw me turning round, I heard that old one cough. Think I'm way above them now, just 'cause we've reached this spot; but it's not what I thought. Come take my breath away. Oh take the fame away. Take this life away.

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