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Holes Lyrics

Loved a girl who was sad wanted me to be her dad and I met her breaking glass damn I left her pretty fast
lost a girl with the legs she had super dirty ways
Had a girl who could drive and a girl who could fight

Met a girl at the drugstore, one on the second floor
Took her to the east shore but you know that got sore
Girl who’s a waitress, one with a paycheck
Girl who’s a temptress that baby’s all about stress

I love the way you let me pay for all your dreams and burdens I took your history ya
I crushed it and I loved it baby I was of it, ah you fill the holes in me


Where do I go? You got my rhythm I cant move without you baby
Where do I go? You’re all I am girl, hold me in your hand girl
Where do I go?

You know the girl with the scar back from when she crashed her car
Ya she kinda lost her mind I guess we weren’t so alike
There’s a girl wearing black cause she thinks it makes her thin but its really just depressing I bet she’s the type for mining.
There’s a girl whos a doctor looking for her father
sits around the diamond store acting like she knows more
one who is sick and a girl who is thick, got a friend who’s so thin you can never ever find her
girl with a guys name but she never plays games lips like a hurricane pull me up in your rain
held her till I died you know back on Sunday night this girl what i'd give to have you anything to hold you…


oh the girl at the truck stop living on her last luck asking me for my love but my heart was too tough
girl at the ballet dancing like a lady oh what it did to me starring at that beauty
one who is so fine, living on her dads dime
girl thats a model, her baby needs a bottle
met a girl with disease and a couple on their knees
you know praying just to get straight, lovin just to get paid.

You’re the one with the soft touch damn I love you sweetheart you’re like no other ones, oh
Keep you close, a second dose, your pretty pose changes my look on life today.
You’re the one that I’ve trusted to hold all of my fears inside of.


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