Inc Ways Lyrics

(Seth Casana; Mikael Glago)

you in a wreck 'cause you tried to disconnect us
like this affects us, hit you in the solar plexus
think you're next 'cause you're rockin' in the nexus?
now I confess that your ineffectual text caused me to
bust out in hysteria, ribcage exploded
infected with malaria, I'm catching hernias
'cause yo, I take it serious
my sneaky dad dropped all his money in Nigeria
every Puerto Rican here be yellin', "Please annex us!"
"Oh, are we back on that again, the Xs?"
well, yes, 'cause see, I don't care about your textbooks
physical medium used in any way that it directs us
hate all silly jokers who thinks he can detect us
super advanced AI chaos theory can't predict us
jumping out of third story windows, break our necks
'cause we like it, the traction attracts us
in the next case, we blow open all four tires on our Lexus
just so we can yell to passerbys, "Hey, this tread sucks!"
if this lick don't perplex us, wait 'till the next cut
where we sample chicken factories while hens get their necks cut
ancient voodoo ladies all the time be castin' hex, but
I never put much stock in them pins or shrunken heads, what
did reading comics give me? it's Superman to Lex, but
I was twelve, playing Thexder in the basement, was a Chex nut,
didn't know 'bout other people, had a rat tail on my neck, but
then evolution happened just like homo erectus
it's time to elect us some zest, not the rest of
these closed-minded livers living TV like a despot
cultured up like rabies, man, you need a tetanus
shot between the eyes if you can get through all the make-up
for so long, I thought superstition was my mission
like t-rex was to teeth, but it's not, so wake up

it's bizarre how the ways can change and make a man go crazy
women and kids be getting lazy, spacey
on the sixth day, your Inc Ways
erase the face and own the place, see?

tried to jump start your style with whack tobacco
tried to get spicy ethnic with black Tabasco
cookie-cutter thoughts made by Nabisco
want to get cut slack while creating fiascoes?
I take it back, your insistence won't cease when talking smack
but slip on the grease and fall in the crease
of your own butt crack, one thousand legs up in your face like centipedes
then dismantle your mantelpiece lying in three pieces
head, thorax, abdomen
bequeath my word feast so you understand your sin
your unresolved duties landing you in debtors prison
you're burning all your money and you're wasting all your time
on your second-class thoughts and your burned out mind
the second time that I hear about your silly-ass needs
you'll be knee-deep in feces as seen on TV
then you can run and brag back to all of your friends
while they burn the DVD inside their parents' basement
yelling, "That was me then, up on the screen then
getting taught humbleness by a mad man!"
I'm down with releasing the inner peace
you're only down with releasing your inner beast
you've got the UPC code tattooed on your arm
so the Gestapo can scan you and find out where you are
microchip computer now controlling your car
crash that jazzed-up jalopy into a fruit bazaar

what is an Inc Way? I hear you ask the question
here's the answer: Inc Ways is kind of like a necromancer
raping a corpse that's not quite dead, while everyone with a
head on their shoulders gets taken 'round back, turned into cup holders
use the grease from our bodies to oil your engines
while you transport high fructose benzene to the next port?!
but that's off the subject, let me get back to Inc Ways
I'm talking I-N-C, not I-N-K
when every Prada product be propping up proper heartache
that's an Inc Ways, Inc Ways
when corporation manipulation leads to U.S. tax evasion
that's an Inc Ways, also Inc Ways
telephone survey will figure everything out
and now you're fodder for the cannon when they blow the ads out
it's paramount that we know your family inside and out
they're moving forwards, but backwards
Inc Ways

now everything I'm thinking is only made of Inc
and now I'm pushing myself over the brink

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Record Label(s): 2006 Midnight Spaghetti Productions

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