Skyscraper Lyrics

People asking where I've been at
Had to see the world
And put food where my fridge at
So it's all over the place
Brother I did that
When I was a little cat didn't want a car
Used to look at skyscrapers like
'That's where I'm a live!
I dreamed this
Can you believe this?
It's oh so real
How I'm livin my achievements
It's 3 a.m. ridin slow in my V6,
Thinking why the hell it took so long to release shit
Left turn
Lanes start formin
Hit a red light as the rain start pourin
Open the sunroof
Let the water come through
Leather gettin wet
I don't care cause it just you
It's what the mirror say
I could be gone tomorrow
But since I'm here today
You gonna hear me say
I'm changing
That ain't really fun
But change is good though
Ask any bum
Ask Obama
That was his campaign
All I'm a do is give you my last name
I'm losing friends for pursuing my career
When the music ends will they truly be here?
I do pretend if I make it through the year
We could be cool again before a funeral appears
Beautiful or smeered when the eulogy is near
Cause when they die
You talk to them through the air
Annabel, I wish that you was here
I didn't see you go
Cause I knew it wasn't fear
I go to church every week
Looking stupid in the chair
Cause I'm taking up space
I be waking up late
Walking in like I own the spot
Placin my faith in the grave next to you
I'm crazy like mase
I bet that under mad pressure,
Me and God don't talk
Cause I'm scared of a lecture
Now my momma is happy I'm not bummy
I'm on so I automatically got money
Now she's attached to me
She's stressing me out
Ey yo Jay this what success is about
Wrestling doubt
Call me hulk hogan with this dope flow
And they all hopin I drop
But I don't know owen
I got too much heart for them to bypass
I can't be touched
I ain't a iPAD
My feet talk to the concrete every mornin
I run the streets
Doin push ups on every corner
They think I'm lazy cause my content got smaller
But now I've gone farther than my father
Why bother?
I was tourin recordin and interviewing,
But to my fans I was interludin
Typical long day
Leave me along meng
Even right now I'm invisible on aim
Duckin people
Tired of trustin people
Damn near had enough of people
Vice versa!
I felt like a funnystyle groupie
Came to her
Threw the word love around loosely
Four letter verb
Had her strut around droopy
I f*ck around usually
It's nothing now to me
I shutter now truthly cause
Cause I wanna a wild cutie
With a subtle round booty
But it's somethin bout beauty
That last for a little bit
Cause if the chick dumb
Not even good brain could fix the shit
Lately I want a baby that's crazy!
Maybe I'm a three legged chair
My thoughts shaky
So I, get the box
Then I simply watch
Me pulling out quicker than a New York City cop
Deep shit
I don't sleep kid
Cause some of ya think my word don't mean shit
I put on these white three kicks
Cruise around 96 street in my leased whip
Lookin at the skyscrapers
Upper west-side chaser
You can't stop my grind playa
Changed the cover of this mixtape
Almost changed the title
But I can't be rival
That's that
Scratch that
That's Factz
Soon ya gon be downloadin a black app
Me and my pops made up for his last act
I'm his kid but I don't play
I ain't a class act
Team playa tryna win
Steve Nash rap
If you don't assist
Then I'm past that
Got my eyes to the heaven
Watchin birds skateboard on the clouds
Like the legend Tony Hawk when he skidded
Aimin for the top of the buildin while I'm livin
I'm a get it

I'm moving on
I'm moving on
I did this
I did that
Still doin more
Baddest song
What the f*ck
Been through it all
When are things gonna change
Talk to me ya'll
Tryin to get a skyscraper
Dyin to get a skyscraper
Got both of my eyes on a skyscraper
I'm a get it

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Record Label(s): 2016 Museum Mick
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