Trial By Ordel Lyrics

The world is trapped inside my head, it’s digging a hole to bury its
dead, the river is pushed with water and blood, wine water dreams all
stuck in the mud, confusion is real in the death colored sky, a wedding
for bridesmaids honeymoon f*** and die, man talks to himself thinks
it’s god talking to him, details of death drawn by his dream life whim.
I know it’s happening, I’m not innocent, I know it’s happening, the
machine my will.
Since Sophia died cant get these bloodstains off my mind, in the
residue of her soul there is no trace of humankind, her consciousness
lingers in my head like a ghost, now hell is all that’s left of the
heavenly host, angels are circling my head like vultures, they fly thru
the skies of this trash can culture, the river has swallowed every
sinners last breath, blind justice is served by the mercy of death.
I know it’s happening, I’m not innocent, I know it’s happening, the
machine my will.
Don’t live for that moment never is now, we never knew why so we
figured out how, I did my best it never amounted to much, trying to
teach my feelings how to touch, but this god spinning globe this ink
rot map, smelled like the bait and turned out to be the trap, words
commit suicide and news cheats on his wife, they took the dead body
of Babylon and brought it back to life.
I know it’s happening, the machine my will, I’m not innocent, trial by
Taken in the night by a horse with no rider, the moon whispers her
shape and suddenly I’m right there beside her, I know your dying lover
will you die for me, I will do anything to set your beauty free, than take
down my hair and wrap it around your throat, and jump into the river
and see if you can float, if you don’t I’ll kill you quickly if you do I’ll
choke you slow, because there’s only here for me no matter where you
It don’t mean nothing and it thinks it means me, this drop dead night I
could never see, my mind is near I can hear it mumble, the storm is
coming I can hear it rumble, Christ has turned the water to rust, the
second coming the gospel lust, I feel different now more star than
light, I’m as heavy as the belly of the night, take a killers kiss and then
burn your lips, pump your dead man’s semen between her hips, this
globe now hangs in empty space, no judge drunk jury to hear our case,
I feel the night eternal hush, I saw the last virgin blush, a world for a
world and an eye for an eye, we lived the way that we wanted to die.
It’s happening, virgin, Sophia, god, world, death, gate of god.

aug 93

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