My Shadow Lyrics

Watching the bloodstain slip through the drain;
Clutching these hands and a sting in my vein;
Losing the conscience that’s kept me alive;
Bleeding... there’s nothing but dust left inside.
It never deserts me; it stands by my side,
My own piece of darkness in which to confide.
Giving its patience, taking its toll,
A face with no mouth that can swallow you whole.

Fire’s running through my head.
Mind f**king numb, I’d rather end up dead.
Another nightmare wakes me from my sleep.
I’ll never get out; now I’m in too deep.

“Why don’t you come a little closer, dear?
Why don’t you tell me what I want to hear?
Why don’t you let me come inside of you?
You know you want me, and I want you too.”

f**k me, f**k you, f**k all of this.
f**k everything I loved and everything I miss.
All the hearts you’ve broken and the blood you drew;
Don’t need a patronizing piece of f**king shit like

“Surrender, pretender, you’ve naught but your soul;
And soon you’ll have lost that. You’ve lost all
You’ll never escape me. You let me inside.
You’re begging for more with your mouth open wide.”

The time has come to take a stand,
So look in my eyes and tell me your demand.
Your mask is in pieces. You have no excuse.
Tell me the truth, what have you got to lose?

“I’ll never let you get the best of me.
I’ll never let you win. Why can’t you see?
You know as well as I that it’s too late.
Your time is up, and you’ve already sealed your fate.”

f**k me, f**k you, f**k all of this.
f**k everything I am. I’m just so f**king pissed.
Can I run from what’s inside of me, all I ever knew?
I bled it out! What the f**k is there left for me to

The darkness is endless; the light is pretentious.
Trap lying baitless, I’ll never escape this.
Their eyes won’t ignore me, the minds that abhor me.
Shadow is all that’s still standing before me.
My only conclusion, the only solution:
Slowly succumbing, tired of running.
This feels so wrong, but it won’t be long.
Shadow’s all I have left, and he’s come for me.

I had my only f**king chance, and I f**king blew.
Don’t care about me; I don’t give a flying f**k about
f**k all this darkness, the day through the night.
f**k this world and f**k my life.
f**k my f**king life!

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