Everybody Drunk Lyrics

everybody with me drunk as f*ck, break it down &nd roll it up (x9)
ok (x3), now errybdy with me drunk as f*ck, break it down &nd roll it up,
now errybdy got them killaz wit em, rep your side &nd throw it up
hoe it up &nd itz goin down, light another blunt, &nd itz goin round,
puff puff pass yuu kan toast chuur glass, later will screw &nd slow it up,
if yuu kan make it fast, ikan make it last, &nd im a nigga thats makin cash,
8 figgaz in the bank &nd i pull yuhr rank,
what cha think, that chuur hatin as,
he he he he he he,
yuu think yuhr fly, i kno yuu not,
he he he he he he,
yuu told chuur knife, i told my glock,
big body, cadillac, woman in the back seat,
speakers will be pumpin as ipass these losers,
yuur car too small, ikant fit my woman in a pt cruiser,
get chuur cake up, get chuur wait up,
way up to the top, to the tp til yuu kant go further,
these snitches are aftr my riches,
&nd yes i smell bloody murda,
whn i cock back, whn i drop that,
kant block that, lock back foo yuu btr stop that,
other wise yuu kan pop back, but aftr dumpin around,
yuu'll be wonderin whr the cops at whr the cops at,
cuuz im drunk as f*ck tell em im far from sober,
cuus if the po-po happn to pull me ovr, imma juss tell em,
errybdy with me drunk as f*ck, break it down &nd roll it up, (x9)
im swisha, at the swishin, ikno that ill fix it, this one for my nicca,
say everybody preach-a, pop another bottle, imma rep chicago,
put thm 22'z on thm blacky black malado, &nd the front tell,
got a bottle a-goosh, &nd off to get loose, get it crunk ba,
how the boys tell, to all my niggaz sit back &nd all the bitches in the front
put chuur cups up, put chuur drank in, put chuur smoke in, put chuur pop in,
put cuur roll in, do the LC, got me open, big diamonds, big jelton,
&nd idunn kno, what im gun do, but im down so im thinkin bout
roll it up, 1 to the head, lyk a real loaf of bread, now lemme see,
roll it up, (x2), &nd i smoke it up, dunn give a damn if i choke it up,
ithrow kit up, &nd itoke it up, eyes are red, &nd itoke it up,
idunn give up, &nd idunn give in, yuu dunn get high nicca, dunn give in,
but wont chuur friend cuus he wont my friend, &nd nvr known thighs idunn kno whr,
idunn kno whr, now errybdy wit me throwin cups, errybdy wit me hold it up,
errbdy wit me kno, if isay so, its gnna be throwin up,
everybody with me drunk as f*ck, break it down &nd roll it up,.. till end.

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Songwriter(s): Darryl Richardson Ii, Chris Bridges, Korey Roberson, Christopher Bridges, Montay Humphrey, Darryl Richardson, Shondrae L. Crawford, Marlon J. Goodwin, Darryl Richards Jr, Premro Vonzellaire Smith
Record Label(s): 2010 DTP Records, LLC
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