Wilting Lyrics (feat. Jvdas)


I can't get enough of you and your broken love
I'm afraid we used each other up, I think the good parts are gone
Flowers wilting in the sun
Flowers wilting in the sun
Flowers wilting in the sun

[Verse 1]

I hate you I hate you, that can't be overstated
When I black out don't wake me, I trip that's my vacation
f*ck you f*ck conversations, I don't got time to waste it
I screamed y'all never listened, now the monsters awakened
You love me now then prove it, I'm proud, I'm wild I'm ruthless
I used to be scared to try new sh*t, now idk who this dude is
I'm focused, I'm focused I drive alone then floor it
I'm worthless, I force it, my emotions distorted


[Verse 2]
I hate y'all all you ever do is pretend
I spent my whole summer plotting on my revenge
Throwing out money all on top of a Benz
And just outta spite Imma f*ck all your friends
Really been affecting my mental
I hope every word offends you
Take this shit as a memento
You'll only get to me if I let you
Burn all the flowers I sent you, yeah
Don't ever text me, and don't ever call me
I'm done doing favors and I'm done saying sorry
Popped another bean, yeah i know its alarming
But I can't even vent to my friends, so I got to pretend that I'm fine
Yeah I know this is harming
Almost end it all 2 times cause I'm lost and I'm lonely
Go tell my ma that I'm sorry
Dodged all the fakes and the phonies
Wilting away
Soaked from the tears on my face
God take these feelings away
Filled up with hate
Hate that lost my half
Hate that I lost my babe
Hate that lost my mind
Hate that I lost my way
Hate that I lost my faith
Feel like I'm stuck in a place
Where I can't even cope with this pain
And I can't even focus today
I heard that it pour when it rain
Feeling like I'm going insane
And I hate to admit, but I'm slightly depressed
I love sipping Bourbon, my life is a mess
How can you judge, you ain't filled up with stress
When I can't feels when I'm feeling the best
Past 2 months theres been some pain in my chest
I gotta find ways take this weight off again

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Songwriter(s): Lord Felix
Record Label(s): 2019 Van Buren Records
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