Playing With Fire
Lil' Wayne


Playing With Fire Lyrics

(feat. Betty Wright)

So youve got so ma-ny daimonds,
You wear all the finest clothes,
And your grill is shinin,
As you're driving down the streets of gold,
But you can't, blame, me if i set this stage on fire

[Verse 1]
Mama always told me i was crazy,
My hoes say im amazing,
But i dont listen to a lady,
But the bitch say im hot,
And i say no bitch im blazin, like what the f*ck do you
expect, im muthaf*ckin cajun
I feel caged in my mind, its like my flow doin time, i
goes crazy inside, but when it comes
Out its fine, like wine, wait, watch, see i get better
with time like a watch osh-be-gosh posh spice husband
cookin kick it like i kick it
bitch i kicks it. no cereal like a landing and i
Sticks it. wherever she asks me, after she licks it.
thats too explicit, well why you
Listenin, (sniff) i smell smoke, is somethin sizzlin?
thats a p*ssy, so hey p*ssy play with
p*ssy, or play p*ssy.

But you cant, blame, me if i set this stage on fire.

[Verse 2]
They say ya know body till somebody kills you well
where im from ya nobody till you kill somebody.
And you know what they say, when you great, its not
murder, its assasinate. so assasinate me
Bitch! cause im doin the same shit martin luther king
did, checkin in the same hotel, and the Same suite bitch, same balcony like,"ASSASINATE ME
BITCH!!" its lil tunechi, i dont rap, i film
Movies. hear my rap, u can call me mr. directors chair,
yeah, and thats a wrap. cut on to the
Next, not the next scene, bitch the next check. some
say that ex. makes the sex spec., so play
With the p*ssy or play p*ssy.

Hey p*ssy, lay p*ssy do or die say p*ssy and i say i
say lay p*ssy lay p*ssy lay p*ssy hey p*ssy.. hey p*ssy
dont play p*ssy

[Verse 3]
Straight off the corner of apple and eagle,
Braveheart bitch like the times of midevil
Married to the game that warns the cathedral,
Standin on tha corner sellin porcialin to people.
Forced into evil, its all in ya head, its all so
cerebral, call me kinevil you follow and ill lead you
Straight to the needle the bottles, the battles, the
beetles will eat you,
Mama named Setha, I love you Setha, remember when your
p*ssy suckin husband tried to beat ya
Remember when i went into the kitchen got the cleaver,
he aint give a f*ck, i aint give a
f*ck niether, he could see the devil (see the devil) in
my features, you can smell it either,
You could see Setha, you could see the Setha (see the
Setha) in my features, cause she dont
Play niether


C three ,three peat
foshizzle my nizzle

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Songwriter(s): Nanker Phelge

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Meaning to "Playing With Fire" song lyrics (4 meanings)
JR-N-KT January 7, 2010-12:28

Hey Jagger shut da fuk up. no wants 2 here ur gay azz. he didn't steal it he got permission. an he made it sound way better anyways. dumeazz. another hater, quit fukin' hatein, no 1 likes haters.
Reezi7 December 18, 2009-9:26

@Jagger. Yes, this song is kind of stolen. But Lil Wayne did not make the beat. It's his producer, so idk why ur tlkin about him. And either way, he KILLED it.
Ignant Jagg November 26, 2009-20:51

how many songs did your precious old rotting rolling stones cover, dozens i'm sure think of it as a cover if it makes you feel better f''''t b'''h a's n'''a
Jagger October 4, 2009-16:21

This song is god awful. It's not a little(wiener)wayne song.It was stolen and only 30% of it changed from the 1967 Rolling Stone's song. He couldnt even change the title.Lazy and a thief, coincidence?
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