Thug Cowboy Lyrics

I’ma tell you why I’m thug now
I’ma tell you why I’m thug
Motherf**kers know I’m thug
Oh I roll with that hundred
You can ask me that bullshit
That bullshit, I did it out my f**king face
I rock up with that 30k
Rock up with that 5 bitch
Rock up with that ten strap
Motherf**kers know I got that chin strap
Put the dope in it , I go stupid
Motherf**kers know I’m a dude
Motherf**kers know I keep the fire
Motherf**kers know I tack the fifty
Motherf**kers know I tackle you bitch
Motherf**kers know I keep that keen in
Motherf**kers know I hold that f**king sick
Motherf**kers know that they can’t f**k with me
Rye Rye, I ride I’m coming in I roll by
I look great, that stack, cooking that
Real shit, motherf**ker hit to cooking lessons
Lil B, dope beat, my left hand
Based God, f**k what you heart bitch
I’ma tell you ’bout the game hoe
Riding down with that rain drow
Riding down with that fame ho
Motherf**kers know about the game though
Hey this is real shit, I’m a motherf**king cowboy
Gangsta’ with that fool proof
Hit that shit, ah hit that shit
Cowboy gangsta, loaded with that banger
Hit the shit, hit the shit
Cowboy gangsta, loaded with that banger
Based freestyle bitch, hit that shit
Cowboy gangsta, swag with that bang up
I stay with it, f**k what they think man
We stay on my voices out there of their bling
We got the lean, we on that
I’ma tell you about this
Hey boy check me out man I got something to tell you
Tell the bitch that Lil B rock like a cowboy
I’ma tell her, he got that fifty look
He hold that third strap
I’ma tell you about the dirty girl tho
I’ma tell you about the one
That motherf**ker got a couple things on him
You don’t wanna hold that thing on him
You don’t wanna touch that thing
I’ma tell you something and this is real
You a thug based God
Cowboys in the wild west boy
You can get that deal
I’m a thug wild cowboy
This like that movie damn , classic movie
I’m coming out looking groovy
Motherf**kers gotta respect it ,damn
I’m coming like I’m from Texas, you feel me?
Thirty hole that west cells
Fifty ho that sniffing coke
I’ma show you about the day, damn
I’ma tell you why I’m late
I’m tell you about that cake bitch
That money and that lay bitch
It’s my birthday
I’ma tell you about them acres
Happy birthday
f**k that I’m no hater
Happy birthday
f**k that I keep it player
I’m rocking down town like a gangster
f**k ‘em
Based freestyle f**k motherf**kers

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