Stright Up Lyrics

A lot of niggas been waiting for the real, You feel me, and when they- with the patience, You feel me, comes the realest, you know, when you gotta keep this shit to a top type standard, you understand and you know rawest rapper alive, you know you can't really play, I come from a deeper space, you feel me, Based freestyle, Based freestyle

Welcome to the pits
And the zones and the bliss
Fighting in the war, but you really don't exist
That's why I save myself, and I don't go enlist
Cause in the hood niggas die for less than ten cents
If that's not war, than that's not raw
Niggas can bag dope what the f*ck is this
Niggas can't rap, what the f*ck's a lick
Balloons in the ass, you should go take some shit
Weed in the ass, with the coke and the tits
That's the definition of a stupid ass bitch
I'm a dope fiend so I f*ck with the lick
Niggas don't talk, I'm a close the strip
Niggas wanna die you can come take a trip
Berkeley, California where you get your bag zipped
Oakland, California where you get your bag clipped
[?], California nigga get them gats clipped
And I f*ck with Big Quin, real nigga ask Quince
I don't ask Quince, niggas take my word for it
If you got a line on the chop, I'll - pbbrrt
Tell me nigga, I got DVDs
We snort coke off of TV screens
Shit that you only seen off of DVDs
This is 05 f*ck em, need a gangsta bitch
But this is not a f*cking - nah you a snitch
I won't stop rapping till my family rich
Everybody world, need a mill at least
Cause for real nigga, this is bigger than me
The guns that I got I will aim and squeeze
Most niggas love me, I'm a aim at his knees
Most niggas smoke blunts, but I'm a smoke the eagle
No fake DVDs cause that shit's illegal
Niggas owe me a debt, I had to kill some people
You ain't never got signed
Cause if you really signed, me?
I'd be in the step with that murder
G4 Nigga with the shit you never heard of
Money bring murder, Murder bring money
A lot of contemplations with faulty operations
Almost got your ass killed for...
Niggas stop trapping, niggas keep rapping
Gotta switch the occupation
'Fore niggas keep hating
I'm still hitting niggas, when the niggas that is waiting
f*ck them nigga, and f*ck the investigation
I'm a tell you niggas this, I can't stop
Lil B for Lil Boss, you know I keep it hot
Niggas keep it on top, gotta peep your spots
Go it - My pots stay hot
05 f*ck em when I rock I rock

Rocks in the mouth nigga, know what I'm saying, still doping it up, bruh, Baby Mama pushing that jug nigga, you know what I'm saying, So I'm a buy everything nigga, you know what I'm saying, the bitch got the jug, well f*ck it then I'm a buy the ten, nigga give me twenty then, you know what I'm saying, but I know the bitch snitching, you know what I'm saying, we knock the ho down, straight up

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Record Label(s): 2013 Basedworld Records
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