Rob The Jeweler Lyrics

You sell dope in the hood, you should build a school
You sell bricks in the hood, you should build a school
I'm tryna keep it real with every move
Nigga, stop buyin' chains and go build a school
You sell dope in the hood, you should build a school
You sell bricks in the hood, you should build a school
I'm tryna keep it real with every move
Nigga, stop buyin' chains and go build a school

[Verse 1]
Stop buyin' chains, I'mma stop buyin' chains
'Cause the jeweller don't give a f**k about me anyway
He laugh in my face
When I give him 50 grand for this lil' ass chain, feel me?
These lil' ass diamonds that don't mean nothin'
You're just another...
You're really from the hood, nigga? Yeah?
Well these niggas is targets, I put dots on 'em
Make him think he a martian
Send 'em real far, them bullets make 'em exhausted
You all in the 'hood, but you don't own nothin'
You gangbangin', nigga, go incorporate something
Help your 'hood and go build a school in it
Teach the whole world that we won't stop spittin'
Street money? Use that for college tuitions
Buildin' a school for my real niggas
I'm comin' with ya, yeah – I'm comin' to get ya
And I won't f**k with these niggas that don't understand
This whole world playin' ...
Live for yourself – nigga, make mistakes on your own
Took so many chances, I ain't goin' back home
Bitch, it ain't funny...
Rich girls don't understand when you ain't got money
I was feelin' so ill and I see the whole world now
It's appearance, it's all about teachin'
Cure for diseases, lookin' for the next thing
I'm prayin' for the money – look, I'm tryna see better things
Nigga, live life every day, live life
Not for the chain, niggas don't feel right
Not for the game, niggas gotta see life
Might rob the jeweller, nigga don't respect me
Charge 30 grand, nigga, you tryna to get me?
I'mma strip that nigga, pay for that chain
Take your chain and go pawn that, it's new money
Let me hold that, you feel me? Hold somethin', nigga
Go build a school in the 'hood with it
Might rob the jeweller, bitch


[Verse 2]
(Man, check this pain out, you feel me?)
(It's real shit...)
Man, quit laughin', bitch, it ain't funny
Where them diamonds come from?
Who them people that mine 'em?
This is from Africa, man
Niggas out there losin' hands and limbs tryna eat and sleep
Niggas get mad when I heard this
Just had to rob a sucker for his Jesus piece
I'mma go build a school, that's all I can do
Only thing I feel is education pursuit
See, niggas educated, quit hatin'
I know that you ain't no threat, nigga
I'm just gettin' by, how the f**k I'm in your way, nigga?
Bitch, I'm just gettin' high...
You just gettin' down, the song keeps playin'
Niggas keep sayin' “you feel me?”
I really give a f**k, and I'm finna save the world
Build a school for these little boys and girls
You feel me? Doin' my thing, I'mma do my thang...
Niggas don't gotta feel me...
I'mma go Platinum one day – niggas askin' one day
You feel me? See a bitch tomorrow
Keep ya head up, you feel me?
Bitch it ain't funny – and I said quit laughin'
I'mma tell these motherf**kers that I'm f**kin' gassin'
Just relate – no hate
Heard the symphony of young motherf**kers in the streets
How we gon' eat?
We all singin' the same song
All our shit is complete
Everything but the options are complete
Gotta graduate, nigga, you feel me?
Good times, bad times
Only thing that we gotta do is blast for the top
The f**kin' game, it lasts, nigga, you feel me?
(I'mma tell you suckers like this, man)
(This shit deeper than rap, you don't even f**kin' know...)
(You know what I'm saying?)


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