Pain And Telephones Based Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, Uh
Living life in the Two-Double-O-Ten (Uh)
Shits so crazy
You know life's on a movement
All I got is a beat, and my MacBook (Yeah)
It's all I got man

Sometimes all that I've got is my MacBook
I'm sitting back thinking about my life
And what I've got and what I've lost
And I know one day I might be (Uh)
A little perturbed a little disturbed
But I know that I'ma get back everything that I put out
And then I get back the double up to gift wrap
Anything that the presents are gifts to the blessing everything
I'm blessed with I got that I gotta intercept it
Like a reception by a receiver I'm coming back cleaner
Than a meat cleaver that got cleaned by 20 cleaners
You know I'm sitting back
Behind blowing [?] with my screens on top of screens
Blowing the reefer listening to Queen Latifah
Representing for the women of power the Aether
The either the ethers, I sit back and write Ether
Like the verses
Glad they cleared up the beef between em
Gotta represent for the new youth the new (Uh)
Like the cleaners, got ya clothes back no creases
I'm sitting back boy, no leases
I pay cash, no features
50 thousand, hit the stage
30 thousand seats filled up
I know that I did it before I done it before
The top and then, the top is now farther then
Mount Everest is still to climb up
People bring you down
Don't understand how I come around
Apologize to the people
That I leave frowns on their face
I don't understand they say I'm self absorbed
The people love me and I'm self absorbed
Does my girlfriend love me she says I'm self absorbed
But I don't trust her to go back and forth in this
Mental problems mental scarring
I say things that I regret
But she says things and does things
I don't believe her still sometimes
I don't believe myself
And I don't believe her
My accents so crazy

Welcome to the Two-Double-I
You feel me, Two-Double-O

Once again, once again
My heart never stops since I come back
I know that I gotta couple times to work
And just keep on grooving, keep on grooving
This night is looking like a dark light
Spread apart the light, twilight
Spread apart, no science fiction this is movies
Life movies written
Don't talk of precision this is my life
I'm often givin', often spittin'
MacBooks, trapping over the things that I come back
And over the high-powered people
This is just a vision to show Based Freestyle
This is the vision to show you what I say in my life
This is a portal so please take a
Pay attention to the portal
Treat it like a sensei ambassador
Women will top the fathers
The people that top people to get passed (Uh)
To save the passengers you gotta respect the top
You gotta respect hip hop
If you don't respect hip hop then where does your mind go
What does your mind drop
I had to release some thoughts
Based Freestyle can't even hear it
From the top this is from the start
Realize this is real pop
Real art, people talk about Pablo Picasso
Put me next to him understand we were similar in a ways
Poke my eyes out for the days
Drew a Mona Lisa
Mine's got words put the pictures together
Mona Speeches
These are my Mona Speeches

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Record Label(s): 2010 Basedworld Records
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