Ride Like This Lyrics

[Jazzy phae]

Ladys and Gentlmen!(gentlmen,gentlmen,gentlmen) ladies and gentlmen! (gentlmen gentlmen gentlmen gentlmen )

You are now tuned into the very best!(the very best)

Of jazzy pha zao prductions!

LAX in the building ! LAX in the building! one recordings!

They aint never seen us ride like this!

[Spank B]
Step off the plane-they know my name-LAX on the chain distortin the game-got the bentley candy painted super sport frame-
Horse power untained im holdin the raynes-Spank gotta 6'4 blew the wits hydro folks fit
Hit the switch (zut zut)
My chevy know a lot of tricks
I ride duce dubs all the way to 26-
Now ride the whip you aint seen one like this-
She like dang your roof swade
You know i seen you switchin lanes in your coop mayne-
See the way your chain hang i know your doin thangs
And you roll wit jazze phae
Dat must mean it's a bang-
When i pull up in the chevy sittin heavy on tires-
5 screens inside-and my doors butterfly girl stop-cause you aint seen a ride like this
Girl stop-cause you aint seen a ride like this
You know you wanna holla-i know you wanna ride-
5 screens inside-and my doors butterfly girl stop-cause you aint seen a ride like this girl stop-cause you aint seen a ride like this
When i pull up and my feet touch ground my wheels go round my wheels go round
Its me Poke as my bro
Man lot of karrats in my ice but i aint the snow man-
Pills bentley-yeah that's the dough baker I burry pills now im the bread maker the phantom car sittin on now and laters
The hardest bar so you can ride it now or later im in the coop wit a chick she a hot one not ols enogh to drive so im ridein shot gun
Say you wanna playa wit some money well i got some
You aint tryna ride babygirl i got op-tions


[Zay Zay]

Everybody love the whips so popular-candy painted 28's what you lookin for
Its so hard to see me up in that lamborgini-dimond grill girl stop you aint seen this before
Chick please-you aint seen me ridin around chick freeze-if you see me ride in your town
You know i stay wit the carz-the carz stay wit the broads-
The broads stay wit the dogs-the dogs stay wit the
They get kicked out they car
I keep a whip wit rims that be outta state people say that's him wit that amazin thing
Ya boy Zay from LA wit the chevrolet i got the doors up it look like imma fly away


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