Bartender Please Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg, Bootsy Collins & Travis Barker)

It's L to the L and Cool to the J
This is just how we funk today
And when it's time for us to get
Know what I mean?

Forget yo swag (Forget yo swag)
Feel me... Feel me
Got money, I don't care bout that
I don't care about that
Feel me... Feel me
Keep them ordinary chicks away
Get up out my face
Feel me... Feel me
Bring another hundred bottles to me
Bartender please
Feel me... Feel me
Like fo real though

(LL Cool J)
All this fraudulent shinin
And imitation diamonds is damn near blinding
Every time leave the country
I gotta come back foreign just to remind ya
Know they watchin my moves but they never figure out exactly how I'm grindin
And these rocks in my ears
They say the bands look like the finest
No captions, funny
Flashing this money like you taking something from me
Girl gave me the eye, this dude's a dummy
Don't play boy, I'll bag your lil bunny
Chain around my neck made the night look sunny
Game so cold, your crew nose is runny
L's in the building, you know that kid
'Cause 100 for yo nose, baby blow that quick

Hold and grow, dipped and whipped
Get a grip then flip, grip the dick, Heathcliff
The giff, the gaff, the riff, the raff
I'm slick with the bic when I pen to the pad
From the drag to the swag of the crib Louie bags
La di da and my Adidas
Get out for shizzey, just say you never pissey
You'll never be as cool as me, cool, chill back

Yea, this the same old script
LL tall white riders on tip
Proving every rapper in the game can't spit
You gon turn around and get yo forehead split
Finish with the workout, I might blow the splif
Young girls talking bout - Hi, Mister Smith
Quick baby, put the Maserati in 5th
Brim on the Yankee hat, lookin all stiff
LL, boy where you been?
Without you in the game how the coach gon win?
Call Snoop Dogg, it's time to go in
Tell my man Bootsy bring the big mouths in
Step on the parkay, you know I'm gon win
It's tight balling, you can't defend
If money is stacked up, Cool's locked in
Yall get the message, I ain't gotta press send

LL Cool J
Grab a big mouth and funk away
LL Cool J
Grab a big mouth and funk away
LL Cool J

Forget yo swag
Forget yo swag
You ain't got no swag, hell no
L, baby kill to the J
This is how we funk today
Snoop Doggy Dogg, wuddup?
Wuddup Snoop?
L, move yo ass
Stuck in that boys are now
Yo Big Bootsy, what's happenin baby?
Ball around the world, call big mouth girl
How old is them people?
LJ, I'm ridin daily
Ride Sally, side
Until the smoke comes out yo thighs
LL's back on the lot
What else? Let it rock
L, are you ready to rock?
I'm ready
LL, are you ready to rock?
Snoop I'm ready
LL's back on the lot
Ready to rock
Are you ready?
I'm ready, Bootsy
Suck in that poison now
You might need some gin & juice after this

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Songwriter(s): James Todd Smith, William Earl Collins, Bootsy Collins, Jean-Claude Oliver, Jean Claude Olivier, Calvin Cordazor Broadus, al L. Green, Samuel J. Barnes, Alexander Mosley, T. Range Brown, Theodore Charles Iii Bowen
Record Label(s): 2013 SLG, LLC
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