Shotaz Lyrics

[Intro, Skatterman]
Shotaz: the combination of a soldier and a boss
A nigga that refuse to take a short or a loss
So take a deep breath, today is your death day

[Chorus: x2]
You can call them shotaz
Move how we movin' or get you block (burnt)
Down to the ground we leavin' nada
No witness or survivors
No games, no playin', no words, no save

[Verse 1: Kutt]
Break out your umbrellas niggas and your water-proofed vestses
It leaks bodies so eat hearty and finish your breakfastes
Cause tonight we down in hell so go deliver the message
To your mommy father boy or daughter repent in your next of kin
In the still of the night calm waters'll shake
If you owe me money relatives come to honor your wake
Obituaries and rose wreaths to compliment faith
Only God can determine when your in a ominous state
Cause when the rain drops niggas get wet
You gotsta chill or get popped and killed like EPMD is still in effect
You bleed for mercy with the steel in your neck
Once it verses gettin' worse you feelin' light-headed layin' still on your chest
An 80's baby with a killin' finesse
So f*ck parole call up Makaveli with a concealed and carry a vest
You might make it through the alley but won't make it through the night
The ambulance won't understand that we got plans on sight


[Verse 2: Snug Brim]
Red bandana over these chop thangs
You can run tuck your tail holla lose your brains
It's all the same most of you bitchin' I can show you that
Make sure you got your catchers mitt cause I'm a throw you that
You know where at, south side Kansas City
Missouri nigga we don't roll with nothin' less than fitty
You pussies call yourselves some riders but don't know the meanin'
Soon as a shot let off you're lost and you're duckin' and screamin'
You better move how I'm movin' or get your top seized
Make it hard for you to live I'm talkin' not breathe
If they catch me I'm a lay down like G's do
Silent mode, break the code and niggas bleed you
How can I please you, I roll with tecs and macs and glocks
You try to fake this way I pull up right up on your block
You see the shots sparks fly from the semi
Lay it down and go get gone on some Remy


[Verse 3:]
[Snug Brim:]
And I clap those, believe that
Y'all just some lil homies hustlin' for you weed sack
For these stacks ain't no tellin' what I come across
I keep it real, play the game without a f*ckin' flaw
Money talks so you ho niggas ain't sayin' much
My pistol stay within the reach and I ain't playin' brah
This rap shit is irrelavent, I got mail to get
Short on your nickels and dimes and I got hella clips
Shit and I got hella spit hit from a fast repitition
About an automatic rap and I handle the bidness
Give me a reason to proceed ram all the witness
Don't take no turkey talkin' steak from a sandwich nigga
About my cake but I ain't ate cause the candles are missin'
But on my momma like Obama I scramble for vision
So here today just consider me a man on a mission
Light up your porch like Mork from Ork nanu nanu you niggas


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Songwriter(s): Aaron R. Henderson, Adam Blake Cherrington, Melvin Calhoun
Record Label(s): 2008 Strange Music
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