J's On My Feet Lyrics

What's up Kutt baby? it's Paul Wall,
You know how we do it doin in Texas ridin on the 84's
Why don't you let them boys know how you do it down there in Kansas City
Know what I'm talkin bout

You know I'm comin down lookin draped up and dripped out
200 for the Gucci jeans iced up and chipped out
150 for the tennis shoes I lace up and dip out
Expensive? to taste, let it dissolve in your bitch mouth
Fresh out on em all, lookin like a tailor made
Manikin from Harold Penn's at the Landing Mall
My Kansas City fitted's to the side cause I'm a dog
Bandana out my pocket and I'm fin to blind em all
I'm tellin you it's nuthin, just check out my demeanor
Extra crispy when I step out, I'm a walkin talkin cleaners
On my way up to the liquor store to purchase me a pleaser
Malibu, 151, pineapple juice and case of beers
The ride look like throw up, and niggas say it's sick
I chuck the deuce when I roll up, and represent the click
I'm gettin down how I know brah, real heavy on a bitch
Me and my niggas all post up, forever on the strip with them

J's on my feet feet
Car full of beat beat
Trunk full of heat
Caribou in the seat I got [x4]

Got a gorilla in my trunk, and he ain't very happy
You don't hear him tryin to get out? that's why your windows crackin
Old ladys on the block threaten us all but we laughin
Til somebody called the police, cause niggas started cappin
MY POSSE'S ON PROSPECT, different location
Motorcadin in drops, newbies and Chevy's on the daytons sayin
I come through this, whatever that you playin man
So many artists in look like American Band Stand
The sun start to get low, bustas turn to flip mode
Lookin out for enemies with hands on the pistols
It's time to turn your shit low, and listen for the tip toes
Cause Killa City's known for makin simple threats official
It's murk in the air, so we party with caution
You can't be sure the Al B. when somebody is watchin
Til all of a sudden bells ringin, bodies are droppin
You think I'm crazy, this happens in my area often for them

J's on my feet feet
Car full of beat beat
Trunk full of heat
Caribou in the seat I got [x4]

Let's find a place to meet up, it used to be a Jimmy's
Now when niggas drunk and hungry everybody go to Denny's
By the stadium, and it don't even cost a pretty penny
When you get there, it's like a party everybody in it
Elbow to elbow, niggas connectin tables
Bein loud and obnoxious yellin at all the waiters
And the bitch I used to f*ck with, sittin right over there
Now my mind's on some f*ck shit, nigga cause I'm a player
Motionin and gesturin for her to meet the guest you with
I guess that's when she members I'm more flyer than the rest of them
We dippin in the whip now, I told the hoe to sit back
She pullin on my zipper, pulled the skipper out and lick that
Made a nigga zig zag, I'm losin all my bearins
Bout to bubble like I'm Aaron, got a suite up at the Clarion
Damn shit is f*cked up, before I beat the meat I need the Magnums
Gotta have em so I'm smashin out to grab em with the

J's on my feet feet
Car full of beat beat
Trunk full of heat
Caribou in the seat I got [x4]

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Songwriter(s): Adam Blake Cherrington, Melvin Calhoun
Record Label(s): 2008 Strange Music
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