The Struggle Is Real Lyrics

Feat. 1st

They struggle is real
Late nights we aint sleepin or eatin jus kushd up indigo chiefin
The struggle is real
We always had it good to me but good aint better than blessed yeah das what my mama
The struggle is real
Real recgonize real loyalty before royalty the slip keepin it trill
The struggle is real

[Verse 1 - KJ]
You gotta go home
So why you thug homie
Pack it up and head back
You nota thug homie so why you thug on me
Nigga you real phony
Always tryna fit in
Last place jamboree
Peoples champ I am yess
But they don't cut for you
Stunt hard nigga witcho mama loot
You aint never worked hard
Aint never chopped clocks
Aint never hit the boulevard
Aint never sold rocks
You a imitation maniac
Perpatratin cunt
Niggas be two week an das like half a month
Represent the struggle nigga
That's where I came from
Wasn't a dope boy but had ambition
They be on my tip son
Hustle for grands son
Her favorite grandson she says a prayer for me until the days done 60 plus an I love her sincerly grandson grams lived threw the struggle...

[Verse 2 - Supreme]
I give it all
You give it nothing
Ha claim that you hustling
But nigga know you bluffin
My flow is sick I think I need Robitussin
Yo flow is wellllll yo flow is nothing
That's why you stugglin
When you really need to be focused
Stop hoping cause you look hopeless
I guess it's time I do some hypnosis
So Close ya eyes listen to me
You'll fall asleep when you bob to the beat
Now all the things you use to do in ya past
Is trash so never repeat
Stop living in your fantasy world unless you're little bo peep
Stop saying that you are the bomb unless you happen to live in the street.
You gotta be hungry tummy growling like it's time to go eat.
Don't let love of money turn you into Mr Deceit
When I snap my fingers
I'm a let you out of that trance
But I can't help you out of your struggle
I already helped you out with yo plans
And if you don't got it to bad
Gone and be broke as a joke while I laugh I know you can't help it so gone and be mad life aint no donkey don't sit on yo as the world turns


[Verse 3 - JClay]
What you thought life was gone be easy nigga
U grindin?
This the BS you gone feed me nigga
Let me chime in
Instead of whining
Put yo time in
Yo judgement is a little clouded
At least yo mind is
U just sittin smokin that strong strong
While time is steadily ongoing
Now you got me lecturing you too,
Could I be mo annoying
Talkin bout yo 8 hours a day
Where u just sat down and got paid
U deserve all that you get,
Cuz look at what all you can take
That's the problem wit these niggas KJ
They aint pay no dues but expect a huge payday,
I got news for you mayday,
You gone fail, u gone try,
U gone fail, u gone try, u gone fail
U gone fail
U gone fail
U gone fail
I'm just tellin how to world work
If u want the world you gotta work
U gotta rise through constant failures
U can cry, it's gone hurt
This for legally or illegally
U got rent due and utilities
U betta put use yo abilities
Instead of loungin around in yo lil tee


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