Comfortably Lyrics

Feat. Supreme And Swateezy

[KJ - Chorus]
I don't need the cars, clothes, and models
I just wanna live comfortably
Get my mama out the hood something comfortably
I don't need no flashy lifestyle in hd
I just wanna live real comfortably
I just wanna live real comfortably
I just wanna live real comfortably
If you niggaz just want fame you trppin
I just wannna live comfortably

[KJ - Verse 1]
Living comfortably is real life to me all my life it was a struggle understand me
Mama a single parent best believe she raised me
Got talent thank the Lord he feel me
I just wanna live real comfortably
Get my mama a big crib real comfortably
Get my sis a condo so she can live I mean really live kahuna flow big shit
Put me in jail I was innocent pray to the Lord
Everyday college tution for sis it's none
Now imma live real comfortably
Mama always stood by me
Owe my life lover her all my heart this song was inspired by her TLC
Mama u gone live comfortably
Never a flashy nigga comfortable ask me nigga
I seen a lot of niggas get shots at bein comfortable
Didn't do shit wit back at home act big bigger den wat dey iz
I dnt understand dis shit
It is wat it is a lot of the wrong niggas get shots inda game that's just what it is
But when Pink Slip there we gone be sq biz
Cuz we all tryna be comfortable that's just wat iz
Plus we got hits stacked on hits they gone hate this
Pink Slip shit my nigga


[Supreme - Verse 2]
Now I'd be lying if denied wanting finer things
But all the lines that ima rhyme aint designer jeans
Or diamond rings behind the scenes with vagina queens
I'd probably be at mommas eating some collard greens
I guess an oddity Ima Be Honestly
I'm just trying to be balling me modestly
So now they calling me honry money T
Chill with that drama drama come on act logically
Comfortably in my vocabulary
It's not imaginary fantasies with Hally Berry
It's more reality live happily without a worry
Without a tragedy you made at me or adversaries
So give it up
I live it up
And being real I can't say that ima get enough
But I do it for my fam it aint no living rough
And all you niggas that be judging I don't give a f**k


[Swateezy - Verse 3]
I'm just tryna get my brother out tho
So shout out to the homie, free jacco
I promise, I got us
And we don't do it for us, we do it for the homies locked up
Till we all comfortable, you can't stop us
Living like a huxtable, you can watch us
Cuz we coming off your screen like a pick and roll
And The Slip be the team that's a 10-4, you already know
That we working for a better situation
I told me girl hold up, and be patient
I know you working overtime
And that's why I overgrind so we shine
Foreal tho
No criminal but I kill flows
And keep both feet in steal toes
So if I drop the world I still stand tall
The Slip, we better then all yall
That's Nuff Said boy


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