The Pubic Hair Song
Kevin Bloody Wilson


The Pubic Hair Song Lyrics

You know, I've often wondered, and I s'pose you would
of too,
What makes people 'round the world sound the way they
Their accents are all so different, though the language
is the same,
So out of curiosity I thought I'd ask some of me mates.
I started with me mate the wog his name is Mario,
He said, 'I don't really understand but I give 'er a
'Eh... I got this pubic hair, she stuck on my top lip,
And no matter how I move me mouth, I canna moova him.
I blow 'im with me garlic breath and wif me chin out
like this, pfft,
But still that f*ckin' pubic hair she stuck on my top
In this ole world there's not a thing to drive you to
'That tiny, smelly, little, stinkin' fishy pubic hair'.

Now Bluey Mill, he's a mate of mine and he's knocked
around a bit,
From shearin' sheds and drillin' rigs to sewers
shovelin' shit.
He's been there seen it and done it all, and sometimes
he's done it twice,
And if any bloke would know it's him so I'll ask Bluey
for advice.
It was one night 'round the barby, when we'd knocked
back one or two,
I said, 'Blue old son how come you sound the way you
'Well... I've got this f*ckin' pubic hair, stuck right
up me nose,
And I snort and sniff and go like this, but the bastard
never goes.
So if ya recon I sound different, that's the reason I
This piddly f*ckin' pubic hair stuck right up me nose.'
In this ole world there's not a thing to drive you to
'Like an unwelcome and unwanted orphan fanny pubic

I could see a pattern formin' after Mario and Blue,
And I was startin' ta twig a bit why we sound the way
we do.
And I was sittin' thinkin' drinkin' when me old mate
Jock walked in,
And I thought now he's got a real strong accent so
perhaps I should ask him.
It'll probably cost me a couple of beers 'cause he
won't in his kick,
And I bought a beer and I asked him, I tell ya I'm
f*ckin' glad I did.
'Arglglgl... got this wee little pubic hair, stuck
there on me roof,
nee matter how I roll my tongue, I can not pry it
So that's the reason laddy, that I talk the way I do,
Sure would you with a pubic hair, stuck there on your
In this ole world there's not a thing to drive you to
'Than a wee, stringy, straight like, curly pubic hair.'

Well the pattern it was there all right, but I wasn't
quite convinced,
'Cause they're all Europeans I thought well what about
the chinks.
'Cause they've got a funny way of talkin' and I'm
pretty sure you'll agree,
That they don't even look like us let alone sound like
you or me.
So I went out for a Chinesse meal 'cause I really like
their chow,
And I asked the waiter and I tell ya what I'm f*ckin'
convinced now.
'Hock, hark... hive got this little pubic hair, stuck
in back of froat,
Hold tongue down and breath like this, but f*cking
thing won't go.
That why oriental generaltamen, always say Harsow,
f*cking little pubic hair stuck in back of froat.'
In this ole world there's not a thing to drive you to
'An hard to move and hard to swallow, little pubic

'That's right Jimmy, thats right.'
'Har thankyou, Harso.'
'I wonder if Billy Connolly has this problem?'

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Songwriter(s): kevin bloody wilson
Record Label(s): 1997 Both Barrels Music
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