Hello John (the John Laws Song
Kevin Bloody Wilson


Hello John (the John Laws Song) Lyrics

Hello John, hello Lawsie, hey John, is that you?
Mate you've no idea how hard it was tryin' to get through,
Am I on the air? f*ckin' hell. Whoop, sorry I didn't know,
So I'll try not to say f*ck again alright, hello? Hello? Hello John?
(Hello John) hello John?

Hello John, hello Lawsie, g'day John is that you?
Mate I'm callin' from a pay phone and look I-I didn't mean to rude
And I'm sorry I said f*ck, alright, made a prick'a meself I know,
So I rang to say f*ckin' sorry mate, hello? Hello? Hello John?
(Hello John) hello John?

(Hello John)
Hello John, Lawsie, f*ckin' hell, what they doin'?
f*ckin' phone keeps cuttin' out and I'm tryin' talk to you
And I'm runnin' out of f*ckin' change, and I just wanna say hello,
And some cunt keeps on cuttin' me off, oh f*ck! Hello! Hello John?!
(Hello John) hello?!

Hello John, f*ckin' hell mate, cunts cut me off again,
And I just wanna have a f*ckin' chat and put my two bobs worth in,
And them cunts keep f*ckin' cuttin' me off while I'm talkin' on the
Useless f*ckin' poofters bastards, oh f*ck! Hello! Hello John?!
(Hello John) hello John?!

(Hello John)
Hello Lawsie, Lawsie f*ck ya, oh f*ck I give up,
And stick your f*ckin' radio show and...and who gives a f*ck ya
pompous prick!
f*ck your radio show! Oh f*ck, I'll give another call, hello? Hello?
Lawsie! Mate.

Lawsie, John. (Hello John)

John, Lawsie, pick up the f*ckin' phone. (Hello John)

Lawsie, get one'a them hand maidens to pick up the f*ckin' phone!
(Hello John)

For Christ's sake then give us f*ckin' Darren Hinchy's number. (Hello

Darren, I wanna talk to f*ckin' Darren Hinch, I got right off you ya cunt.
(Hello John)

Give us f*ckin' Hinchy's number, you don't wanna f*ckin' talk to me.
(Hello John)

f*ckin' Hinchy needs a maid at the moment. (Hello John)

Lawsie ya cunt!

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Record Label(s): 1998 Both Barrels Music

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