(the Ode To) Huey And Billy Lyrics

(Huey, Billy, Huey, Billy)
Huey me and Billy gettin' pissed and bein' silly
Drinkin' bundy straight out'a the spout,
Had a lot'a laughs they're a funny pair'a bastards
And it lasted 'til I must'a passed out,
Woke up in the mornin' with a headache and a horn
But I couldn't piss the headache away,
Head stuck in the dunny volcano in me stomach
And they're not as f*ckin' funny today.

Huey you cunt, (Huey)
Oh look at what you blokes done,
Oh f*ckin' got me drunk,
Huey you cunt, billy you prick,
Ohh you cunts done this,
Ohh f*ck I'm sick,
Huey you cunt,
Mm Billy you prick. (Huey, Billy)

Pissin' 'emselves laughin' when they come into the bathroom
See me barkin' at the shithouse bowl,
I was hangin' on for life frightened I was gonna die
If I ever let the f*ckin' thing go,
Then they went back to the fridge and got 'emselves a drink
And I heard 'em break a couple'a eggs,
Chucked 'em in a glass, brought 'em back and asked,
"You want a bit'a breakfast Kev?"

Huey you cunt,
Uhhh stick it up your bum,
I don't think that's funny,
Huey you cunt, Billy you prick,
You'll pay for this,
Oh you cunts are sick, uhhh
Billy you prick, uhhh.

I was well and truly f*cked when they finally got me up
And dragged me from the dunny to be bed,
And they just left me like a log just chucked me on the top
And stuck a bucket by the side'a me head,
I just wanna die and I finally closed me eyes
And slowly started driftin' off,
I went and they come again f*ckin' bundy in the hand,
"You ready for a ear'a the dog."

Huey you cunt,
Ohh f*ckin' leave me alone ohh,
I wanna go home,
Huey you cunt, Billy you prick,
Ohh you'll pay for this,
Ohh f*ck I'm sick,
Billy you prick, Huey you cunt oh, f*ck, drunk, oh.
Agh, Huey you cunt, Billy you prick,
Oh f*ck off! Leave me alone, oh,
Billy you prick, Huey you cunt.

Just f*ckin' take me home,
I want me mom,
Huey you cunt, Billy you prick,
Ohh no I just f*ckin' shit me p...,
Ohhh, Huey you cunt, Billy you prick,
Mm, Billy you prick.

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Record Label(s): 1991 Both Barrels Music

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