Stunna Shadez On Lyrics


Lemme show ya'll what's up

This movement we got goin' on in the bay

Nah mean it's the super hyphy movement
Ya'll know what this is it's the real bay life though

(Ohhh, what?)

[Chorus: x2]
Put yo stunna shades on, take em' off put em' back on
Okayy the bay is back
Now gas, brake, dip,
Ghost ride the whip, ghost ride the whip

[Verse 1: Nick]
What you think I am, what you thought I was
I could smile wild, what the buzz 'cause
Step on it like I wanna mayne, I don't make change
Don't let the playa in you hate me ching ching
Put your money where yo mouth is, push your weight
It ain't oakland till I get that cent and pape
With the scraper paint still wet
Ghost riding showin rims (what, what, what, what!)

What it do with that 19 dummyyy (dummy)
Think it's funny till you're all outta sewage money
But you just can't take the ghetto outta me
If it ain't business to a midget man, take a leave
But I do what I wanna (what I wanna),
Ya'll fruits when you be listenin' and jammin funk
But I got dreams to make cents, respect yoself
King of the streets, you ain't gonna walk

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Chris]
Wha-wha-wha want the business? I'm a slap u in the face with it.
Silly rabbit, slow it down turn up the bass with it
I hope you can hear me clearly
Can't listen with hyour mouth so you better try to use your ears
Now that u know that I can transform to a 98
With the candy cake non-fake diamonds in the grill, ya'll late
I do it with the buick, with black caps
Ain't no one do it with the roy rims, goin' that fast
Stickin' ya in the back window
Ruby diamonds lookin' like stevie fundamental
98, ghost riden in my benz
I'm the realest cuttin' with no screens in the back
Wha'wha I'm a make them mad
Stewy with a chick, it'll be sick compared to what I had
Like I'm back from the dead like yeeee ahh
Takin' it to the mac d.r.e.
So put your stunna shades on
Help stewy ewy for the paper (paper)
Trippin' off me, make somethin happen (Like owwwahh)
But I ain't gonna let her (let her)
Truth means that I'm a sweat her (sweat her)

[Chorus x2]

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