Black Bond (remix) Lyrics


The black bond with the Canadian I'm in my nah nah
but what tanks suit that war like Vietnam
murder everything kiss em before you kill em
though cowards are quick to miss quote I ain't for the ceiling bro
one gun two fingers gun shot, boom
when you thought I wasn't hot, I was still close to six 0′s
six bros said y'all skip flows and double dot straight to the charts
and I do balls black bond with the microphone
murder and then bring it back to the life with the high paton
people talking bout what's real hip hop day
he said shit that's real stay dray
I know you scared to say shit
you know they ain't nice nigga scake round the truth I put em on ice
truth is these niggas so scared to stand up they link up the people they used to this
man up this kid ran up, crying up the breath
set the game still need you but ain't nobody left
just bunch of subliminal disrespect going on
people shaking hands with them niggas they've been shitting on
I said why you think that I wanna be part of that
that's why I chill for a little reflected on rap
it's all Rnb trap enough check
Frank all should more..and most that gun clap

Word up, be yourself stop faking and pretending
eventually all stories come in ending
mean faces and lies and all your verses
whenever a verse could wrath of your God's cursing

I pull the string on a limit shit darkness
I'm living in the elegant Moroccan apartment
politarian chicks sparking, convo week
and I don't really care for her jogging
balcony is windy, looking at the stars and
I'll be on the handy uzzi and wibling
Gucci pillow on the bed why she givin nuggy
listen and I tripping off the Maxwell album island
crystal and Spain bring a book about starling
then I serenade it with a violin
but shawty not qualify the beat took to that kind of out it
gotta be a fly bitch to hang around that fly shit
found out in..I got an eyes bitch Nazis
in the real deal full spots on the constant
pick the right one..to wash it
life style and composites top not watches
Rolexes.. shit I'm coping
ask she's been around duffle bag
for what that f**k you cash
get off the jet in heels and I cope your ass
looking in my eyes saying you one lucky bastard
rip your clutch you get finger f**ked in the passenger
I hit the dutch blow smoke and out
music and laughter see us in the cuff flying pastor

Ask cold, dress cold the changes her ..England
back to the stars bang the labels in my closet hangin
kind of wonder in the tundra, can humble the..when I come through to confront you
let nothing slide, slide remarks you you must wanna die
but you fronting while we all know you punky pie
when we in the bunch we fly better and amerist
to the bot to the shot I'm cruise you conflict
had the seek cause the storm taifoon you out
you know what I'm talking bout I'ma f**k and..
never sleep, never tie keep the sleep I tie
who don't speak she quit so I could think conspire
all my features..and sometimes sneakers
..Miami time off in..is like I'm allergic
tonight..give it to you the..you could feel it

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