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The Honest Truh Lyrics

Right hand on the bible,
I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so
Help me God.

Chorus (x2):
And you give them the honest truth,
And watch them dishonor you
So here, here’s the honest truth,
Now do what you wanna do.

Say what you want but I’m comfortable with my life,
I say that I’m nice to stay in the lime light,
Or maybe I’m alone and this brain aint really workin’,
And the man I portray is an entirely different person,
But if you aint fond of me I could care f*ckin’ less,
Maybe you knew me in high school before all the f*ckin stress,
But if you gonna judge me on the person I was a few years ago,
Just think ur facts are outdated a few years you know.
And what that say for you and your negative opinion,
Is based on the outlook of a life you claim you been in,
And if you tellin me I'm soft then I'm glad that you harder,
Cause if I was any harder I'd be dead in that water.
What you say is just retarded,
Just look at where I started,
And how the people that I bond with, is out faster than sonic,
Who ever thought I’d date that Persian, a few years ago I was married bruh,
Maybe outta spite cause I aint feel like the same character,
I hadt to tell myself, look it aint your fault I aint mad at ya,
Yet look to my left and my right like where’s nadia,
Oh that’s right I'm too hard I aint really supposed to miss you,
So to remind myself I look at the picture where you kiss dude,
Ho the f*ck could you,
Or more like why the f*ck would you?
A few times I wished you dead, then I heard you was on a hospital bed,
Like “God I take back what I said”
I don’t know what I’d do if you died,
Na f*ck it I hope you die
And it gets harder every season,
With the thoughts of a murder every evening,
Yet laugh about it like I was a second from killin’ steven,
Like I aint had a good reason,
Like I wasn’t outside of your home,
Leather gloves over the chrome,
Waiting for you both to come out so I could cap him in his dome.
Lucky you took while, got a text from my lil sister,
Like when you gonna come home? Lets play I miss ya,
Than I thought about it and the shit got hard,
Like I don’t want Shantal to see me grow up through some bars,
I mean I can’t let her grow up without her big brother,
I mean she looks up to me, like no other,
Like I aint, her best friend in the world,
And trust me I know how it feels to lose your best friend in the world,
Closed my eyes, she heard the news I heard her scream
I put the gun under the seat, and drove home and took that girl to dairy
I know I don’t spend enough time, it aint close to what I used to,
But understand I rap to make a bright future for you to.
And once this career takes off I’ll set aside the time,
Before I decide to pick up the pen and write a rhyme.
Oh and by the way, I never thought I’d speak to jonathan,
Then I did and all he did was re assure me why we don’t talk again,
Maybe I shouldn’t talk of it,
Maybe I don’t give a f*ck,
Maybe I told you what was up and u betrayed all of my trust.

I don’t tell people my problems,
Well I told hkan my problems,
I watched her pretend to help and then deceive me to my face,
And they wonder why I’m mad like that aint f*ckin fake,
Like I should just be like cool, and that’s something people do,
Like you play me for a fool and I’ll be like true…

(Ad libs)

Chorus x2

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