Rising Stars Lyrics

(Intro - Juwan Shahir)
Juwan Shahir
MD,Master Shan,CT Scoop
We rising stars since the day we born man

JS-We Rising Stars, We Droppin Bars
MS- Drivin them fancy cars
MD-Infectious Like Sars
CT-MVPS like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
MD-You know who we are
JS-'Cause we rising stars!

(Verse 1 - Juwan Shahir)

Almost a year, into this rap game
And I got enough fame, it's a shame to see that
These MC's got no brains, and it's plain to see that
They just playin', and it's plain to see that it's just an affair and

I'm gonna keep doin' my thang, with my main gang
Usin' that same slang, and the same game plan
Put on the fan, it's hot in here
Bring some rocks in here, so hot don't even get near

You below freezing, I'm above expectations
Its advised that you go roll with Satin
I'm murderin' this track with no evidence left
The look on your face looks like you just got caught for theft

Extraordinary, Flawless and I'm ready
Think you can go neck and neck with me? I got it twisted like spaghetti
We rulin' the city like Tommy Vercetti
No time to celebrate, put out that confetti

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2 - MD)

We da SouthSide Boyzz, We rollin in da benz, on 26 rims
Got them Franchise boyz, throwin them toyz
That's how we do, With candy paint cars
And the Cadillac be pullin up from them starz

Trust me, You don't wanna mess with us
And We go far, cause we the rising stars
I ain't gonna take time to commit a crime
I know my song is a disease, like them killer bees

Don't worry, just hurry see the future you can see me
Watch me get out my Rolls-Royce
I can hear my fans voice
I got the Ice on my fingers and my rocks on my chest

Y'all can't resist a rapper like this,
Respect our song, We keepin' It real
We can get any girl, from my neighbor, To Jessica Biel
Got all the money, so we don't needa steal

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 3 - CT Scoop)

I go back to my first year in the business
Yea i was a rookie, but i was good nonetheless
Started out lost,confused with nothing to do
Then Juwan picked me up, and gave me a clue

It's my second year now, Yea I'm a veteran man
Much better and skilled then when i joined this clan
I've gone really far, beaten by far
Even those rockstars with their little guitars

Tourin' around the world with Juwan Shahir
Gettin down with France, my blooming point is near
I can feel it, I'm goin' all the way, all the way to Aftermath
All I have to do is plan the right path

I can get my hits on the top five,I can make it across the ocean without takin' the dive
If someone disgraces me while I'm live, They'll be lucky after 5, If they're still alive
I'll go all the way to the next bar, 'cause we won
The only Rising Stars!

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 4 - Master Shan)

Time is money, Don't just keep wastin' it on honeys
Ima keep lettin my rhymes go, always keep a steady flow
You can be a high-class richass
Always havin the newest kicks and always havin the cash

But a low-class piece of trash, can drop a kickass track, better then your snobby ass
You think your a perfectionist, but all I need is a mic
And I'll show you one of my famous magic tricks
Sign with a label, but if I get declined, It'll be a hard hit

You got no rhymes so stop talkin bullshit
You better quit before I start it
I gotta get paid, kick back in a mansion with many maids
Yo candy paint everywhere, it's a haze

The blueprint of my house is similiar to a maze
You'll feel so hot you'll be caught up in the blaze
Yea through this rap game I'm goin through my phase
I leave my fans and haters in a daze, my music related to tobacco 'cause it's a crave

(Chorus 2x)

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