Gridlock Lyrics (feat. Ct Scoop And Master Shan)

Ye ye
Loose change!
Juwan shahir master shan
Ct Scoop!
Master shan right here
Got this rap game in a gridlock
Im back!

(chorus) (juwan shahir)
I got this rap game in a gridlock
Nothing else
I got this rap game in a gridlock
Tell someone else
I got this rap game in a gridlock
We got it locked
From my hood to yo block
We don't carry no glocks

Verse 1- ct scoop
Thought i was gone but im back better then ever
Leaving is like a complicated machine
But im never pullin that lever
Got this rap game in a gridlock
Its like WWE im better than the rock
This rap game is like a baby to me
But it aint easy as the ABCs
You don't kno it like i do
Tell me im the best yea that's nuthin new
Crossin people up like air jordan
Makin miracle shots like ben gordon
I got mad hops like dr. j
Challenge me and I'll make you pay
Everyone whos in debt with me will know
I accept no checks no change but hard dough
I aint molestin no girls like kobe
You don't think that of me right yall know me
I got this rap game in a gridlock
I make the grammys
Yea that's a shock
Paparazzi better not mess with me
Or they'll be the ones gettin a knock
CT Scoop!

Chorus 2x

Verse 2- juwan shahir
Gridlock, guns been cocked
Step up in the club and you might get dropped
That aint enough
Step in the club
With no vest
Guarantee hell at it's best
Don't walk into a ghetto bird's nest
Betta watch your self
Yo next door neighbor
Could be a ghetto legacy
He could get you on the red carpet
Without making you a celebrity
I refuse to give up the mic
Even if I stay as unsigned hype
This is the underground sewers
And I'm going through a big-ass pipe
The next joint you spin
Could get you higher
The next joint you hear
Could get you inspired
The next friend you meet
Could be a liar
Light the way for my path
To success
Show me what's bad
And what's best
Im slowly masterin my slow
Slowly takin over the show
Lettin my rhymes grow
And I'll be sure to let any label
Know, that


Verse 3-master shan
Hey yo the grids locked,all areas blocked,guns cocked,run w or get shot up on the block,the game aint old skool irs new and improved,but we never left or ever moved,one day im gonna b on top of the charts and get a lot of grammys and a few security guards master shan,yea that's how i like it,pass the mic and I'll make u drop sick,in a mercedes that's stoppin traffic,in the rap game and im causin havoc,lemme catch my flow,let all the lables k w ,they better sign me or they'll b the ones losin the dough,always rollin in pimped out cars 'cause that's how i rock always rappin in the big league 'cause that's how i talk,this songs gonna go platinum and when u hear it ur gonna go numb,when you hear this your nerves will twist 'cause ur listenin to one of the newest and sickest hits


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