So Hard Lyrics

[Joell] Yaowa

[Chorus One: Anna Yvette (Joell)]
Hard of gettin out of bed each and every day
I got a hook[?] at a job that I really hate
I gotta bring him home a much much better way
I'm never ever gonna give up (never give up)
I can't hear all the negative you got to say
I got my plane and now I'm gonna make a way
Straight to the top where there's a finer way
I did it by myself with no help along the way

[Joell Ortiz]
They want me to quit, so I work so hard
Get off of my dick, homie this my job
I ain't got no time to play no games
Baby it's showtime, they called my name
Don't know about you chump, but I'm gon' win
Go get your whole crew punk, cause I go in
You witnessin greatness, embrace this girl
Don't let me waste this, come taste this girl
I come from the projects, so yes I'm hood
But I ain't gon' smack y'all unless I should
So stay out my way boy and it's all good
I'm doin it playboy, I wish y'all would
Come try to stop me, oh no not now
I'm feelin like Rocky, I won't go down
I'm headed right to the top whether you like it or not
Haters would like me to stop; IT'S SO!

[Chorus One]

[Joell Ortiz]
I'ma never give up, I ain't you, ahh
Like a really good nut, I came too far
Can't settle for less, I'm the best, hands down
Put me to the test, EMS, man down
Y'all think it's a joke, but my ass don't laugh
I came up broke, I ain't have no cash
So I ain't the one for all the nonsense, boi!
Don't have me killin you on my conscious, boi!
I know it get tough, but I will survive
The road is rough, but I got four-wheel drive
I am a hustler, my time is close
You just a (Buster), go find some (Ghosts)
Your face look angry, that makes me proud
So nah don't wait, please just hate me now
I'm just payin my dues and steady makin my moves
I know y'all prayin I lose; IT'S SO!

[Chorus Two: Anna Yvette (Joell)]
It's hard comin from the bottom
So hard, the pressure to the top
But there's no going back now
Don't you quit, don't you give up
Don't you give up! No (never give up)
It's hard comin from the bottom
So hard, the pressure to the top
But there's no going back now
Don't you quit, don't you give up
Don't you give up! No

[Joell Ortiz]
Every day when I wake up, I thank that man
I don't complain, nope! I play my hand
Pray on my downfall, no that won't work
Your flow like a ground ball, man y'all so dirt
I'm so monsterous with this brain
Oh so awesomeness, feel this flame
I'm no narcissist but I'm so fly
I should go on Mars and just tell y'all bye
I'm workin so hard, so with that said
I get right on my job, when I leave this dead
I'm watchin my carbs, but I need this bread
I wanna be large, like my pitbull's head
So I won't let up like constant rain
Fam y'all just suck, constant brain
Homie your flow is too frail for toe-to-toe with Joell
I know you want me to fail; IT'S SO!

[Chorus Two]

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Songwriter(s): Bryan G. Fryzel, Anna Masone, Joell Ortiz
Publisher(s): Bentley Boys Music, Freq Show Music, Cooper Project Music, Songs Of Universal Inc.
Record Label(s): 2011 Lush Life Studios Inc & eOne Music
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