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Ordinary Love Shit Part 2
Joe Budden


Ordinary Love Shit Part 2 Lyrics

(Overlapped from Part 1)
She feel like she don't have a voice in this relationship
I'm thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it
Certain sh-t I wouldn't stand for
I'm giving her my all but she demands more
I wish she would understand more
Certain sh-t you couldn't plan for
I'm guessing I love you and your worth it
I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this
but you just think that I'm full of it
We both come from backgrounds of bullshit
I'm fortunate that that aint what you see in me

I'll stop lying to you once you start believing me
But I'm always who you wanna bring the questions to
It's less about me hiding shit and more about me rejecting you
It's totally different the way our minds are made up
To me flirtings natural, to her it's cause for break up
To me it's human nature she disagree with the logic
confusing being monogamous with being robotic
I talk to other girls I interact with em
You shouldn't take that as tryna get in the sack with them
Just know how I act with you is how I act alone
I signed up for a girl not a chaperone
Besides that plan'll backfire and now it's onto her
She don't take my word and now I feel I'm being monitored
And I wont you to be the one that I endured the longest
Accept me at my weakest, support me at my strongest
Bring something to the table though, earn ya keep
Then I'll triple it and all I ask in return is peace
Aint with the arguing shit all the time
You see I'm honest to a fault but is it yours or mine
I put you through some things where you could have bolted
You want honesty or rather shit be sugar coated
I'll put you on a list of people screaming f-ck me too
Do you want a pretty lie or the ugly truth?
Truth is you got some things that you gotta learn too
When everything that concerns me don't concern you
Truth is you gotta a couple tainted views
And you bring up my ex as if I couldn't do the same with you
Truth is you want me to do the kept it real
Truth is you're too emotional and need a better filter
No third party will ruin our plan
I'd had for you to be the girl who's too consumed with her man
So I want you to have your own plans
You to have you own ends
You to have your own life
You to have your own friends and I'll be right beside you
I can tell that you cried
Cause you don't bring up problems that you got with me till I do
You say that I'm out a lot and that I aint here enough
You take care of me and I'll take care of us

I'd love to put a child in you and live lavish
But my baby momma scared me, let me tell you bout my baggage
We could have a son and break up and be done
And now I'll never see him again
As you take him and run
You gon' tell him that he's fatherless
Tell him that I'm cowardly
You'll have some resentment so you'll start acting childishly
You'll rake me in court cause of course you'll have it out for me
To you it may sound obsurd but for me it's a reality
Still at times it seems like you're not proud of me
Though I'm showing you the best man I know how to be
But you keep saying show me more
You'd appreciate me better had you known me before
You've never been cheated on
had another chick in your house in your bed
You, you aint seen the worst time
Hit you with that old move
Take you to a flick that I've already seen with another broad
but pretend like it's my first time
And, ya don't know how that sound
On the phone with you, while she quiet in the background
Bunch of shit that I aint in a hurry to do
So before I beef, know that he got buried for you
I dont tell you that for points, nah, you can keep the brownies
I tell you so that you know I was mature when you found me
Tell you so you know that little boy shit that I get annoyed with
You should keep it coy with
Cause all that is, is stress for me
I'm not ya ex baby girl
you not a catch for me
I mean respectfully, certain shit I'm not.
(To be continued)

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