Freebasing Lyrics

My favorite actor? Oh that's easy, Kevin Bacon, obviously
His best movie is, probably a tie ... between all of 'em!!

Jarreeeeeeeennnnn Bentonnnnnnnnn, K-K-Kato on the track bitch
K-K-Kato on the track bitch!

Oh my God man!
What the f**k is going on man?!
I can't feel my f**king face dude!
I can't feel my f**king face dude!
Oh my God, oh my God!!

[Verse: Jarren Benton]
2Pac back, 2Pac dead, CIA put a price on his head
Walk with a mu'f**kin' knife by my leg
Woke up with a couple dykes in the bed!
Redneck nigga Bud Light in the can
Rainman ho throwed off in the head
I'm so geeked gone off with the mess
Back-hand hoes and I'm off with they friend!
Okay, Johnny, sweep the leg, basket missin' easter eggs
Decapitate that bitch if she blow me then I'm gon' keep the head
Murder, murder, kill, kill, at least that's what the reaper said
And I know right? I'd rather save these bullets and make you eat the lead
Get it? I said, eat the lead, hit a motherf**ker with the een-frared
Damn my bad meant infrared, snitch ass niggas you in the feds
Don't call me past nine cause me and yo bitch will be in the bed
Call that bitch, Linthebred, that's cause her name Linthebred
Must've heard me wrong if you thought I said
"Then I'm gon' lend her bread!", shot myself in the leg
Look down at it, then it bled
I didn't need that bitch so I cut it off and threw it in the shed
Yes, I got five knives inside my hand bitch, I'm no Kid the Friend
Two girl, but I got a rule girl, that I go through ya bitch when I do ya
I'm gon' leave and the next time I see ya, I will act like I never knew ya
Coke from Cuba, 'Back To the Future', then I scuba dive in Aruba
With two losers bitch I'm cooler, J-J-Jarren Benton, a ruler!
Disturbin' Tha Peace like Luda (LUDA!), bitch I'm about my gouda
Yes I f**k fat hoes and we get ice cream cones from Bruster's
Bitch I'm stuck in beast mode and I might just rip your spine out,
Gone off that same dope that f**ked up Amy Winehouse!
I-I-I-I'm out ... psych! Back in
MAC-10, I'll make you do a f**king backspin
Uh, s-s-sipping coke and C'ac
Debo, slam a motherf**ker in the trash can!
Legend in the making, bitches wanna rape him
White boys mad, cause I freebased with Kevin Bacon
Shout out to my chitlin' eatin' niggas down in Macon
And if these niggas sleeping, we about to wake 'em
I got hoes on my dick, don't you think that's sick? (Why?)
Bitch, literally, I got holes on my dick
Jumping out of Cobra Starships you wanna start shit
I'll punch a hole in your chest, rip out your f**king heart again!
Rap game's Anakin, got these niggas panickin'
Whoop a nigga's ass and I ride with him in the ambulance
I'm ill enough to blow a hole in my dick
And this is just the intro, so niggas know that I'm sick! Kato!

Kato, Kato, Kato, I'm okay though!

Oh my God, oh my God!
Mom! MOM! MOM!
Preston is 'Freebasing With Kevin Bacon'
Starring Jarren Benton and Katooooh my God mom!
Mom, my dick is falling off!
Mom, my dick is falling off, mom!
Mom I can't-I can't see my dick anymore, mom!
MOM! MOM! Mom, is breakfast ready?
Mom! Mom! Hey, mom! Oh my God...

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Record Label(s): 2012 Funk Volume Jarren Benton
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