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Red Hawaiian
Jam Baxter
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Red Hawaiian Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sorry, busy being a king
Suck the guts out the city leaving the skin
You ain't my lover, you're Billie Jean, you're a fling
You're a piglet in East London with skinny jeans and a trim
I had every statue in the square mile sobbing
The rust covered their eyes like bubbles of blood clotting
As I occupied a basement bar in a burning building
And sat at the back mumbling, wondering who's shotting
Better act right, flies all drowning in my flat white
My skull gets heavy but I pack light
See you on the runway, you're in for a bad flight
God is on your stairwell, polishing a crack pipe
Turn it off, babe, it's a rerun
These ice cold streets got your feet numb
I been taking heads off, holla if you need one
Careful with the stitches, tell 'em
Every trip back to my city is fraught with the same dangers
Little Timmy arrives with a bag of them game changer
Spikes your glass of red with a couple of haymakers
And you come to in a brothel in Romford a day later
We've all been there
Set up camp, fought a battle, lost a limb there
Came back swinging and ran for office
I'm counting on your support, you'd better all have your wallets
We skittered round to the back with a bucket and drank the profits
So meet my reality starved friend
We watch them all die just glad that we aren't them
He screamed "All hail humanity, amen"
As he sat and bit the head of a battery farmed hen
'Cause shit can all change at an uncomfortable pace
In Gatwick blinded by lights lugging a case and it hit me
Shoosh, they're all undercovers Jake
Evil hags keeping tabs on your drug intake
Elderly women with guns in their wastebands for you
Stare down from the balcony firing until their hands are blue
Tears fell from the ceiling, we sat back and we drank a few
Holding a rubber mask without a face to attach it to
Wind up dolls
In little toy cars
In frilly white bibs
Lacking any scarce
My skin's got too many sharp edges
Intruders skewered on barbed fences
Your brain slumbers on too many park benches
Can't see you in these dark trenches
We tore their eyes out calmly and fed the lions
You built your line up nicely and fed your clients
I'll be at departure nursing a Martini
And my bag just contains a selection of Red Hawaiians

[Verse 2]
Legionnarie with a gun and a gold beret
Surviving on a diet of cider and cold penny
If I said I hated you after a couple beers
Just text me a couple tears and save me the whole essay
95 percent of my brain is marked N/A
I'll carve the rest off and feed it to him at once
He stared at the plate while she was chewing the chunks
So he was at yard crying while she was hoovering bumps
Every night, born again, leave me be, talk to them, kicked out street
Can someone tell 'em we're important men
Please miss, ignore my friend
He must be on that awful stuff
I'm threatening him with sedatives
One day he'll call my bluff
I whisper "kids stick around I'll make you famous"
Just fatten up a touch and you'll play every stage in Vegas
We'll now present a human who can make his past disappear
Saw himself cleaning half and eat a plate of razors
But now I drag and dribbling hound through rolling mountains
Under a thick vermilion sky that just falls around him
And it's funny how your innards can f*ck with your whole surroundings
That's a plastic toy wrestler giving your soul a pounding
Is it you, (Is it you?), in that poorly built confession booth?
On your 1s tugging at your tongue yelling ‘tell the truth'
Son, can't the devil lend you a helping hoof, he's only over there cross legged in a velvet suit
I stood still, underneath a linen sheet, swiftly whisked softly by an invalid with gritted teeth, screaming ‘gather round' cause we're exhibiting the finished piece, covered in blue bruises and oozing with fried chicken grease
Permanent swarm of bugs around a head
A pack of gurned up horses couldn't drag it out of bed, it cried ‘flee your houses, every man in town is dead' I just clicked my heels and cracked a dragon stout instead

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Record Label(s): 2019 High Focus Records
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