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Crescendo Lyrics

Heaven, He-Heaven, Heaven (Ooooo)
Heaven, He-Heaven, Heaven

[Verse 1]
She met him nineteen, she never met somebody like him
He smart as a tack, she followed him back
He models, in fact
She ran away from what was runnin' her back
Into the arms of the bad habits
He wonder way back when she was baptist, she actually can't remember where she saw him first
She knows the church tried to introduce 'em, but she saw the thirst and quenched it quick
She had a sip of water then she saw him squint
She asked him if he wants some, he answered "Naw, I'm all content"
She was too offended to let him in
She knew better men
Who would never make a change whether she never spent time
Too many dimes for her to settle for nine
Leaving one for the others 'cause it's enough to get by
She's done with this guy
He looks her in the eyes and he says, "Well, I'll see you later"
While the choir starts to cry

You are the source of my strength
You are the strength of my life
I lift my hands in total praise
Praise, praise
You are praise, praise praise
You are praise, praise praise

[Verse 2]
When she seen him again, he look different, like he livin' the life
His face was brighter like he liftin' in the light
She was addicted at sight
She missed him when she slept and crept through the night
She text him questions while he pressed her to fight
Whatever said that he might be somethin' other than better than
He met her at the house and gave her letters, he kept her prayin'
She told her momma' debt was pilin' up, yet he checked us in
No matter how high it is it's a method to flesh demand
"What a godsend" she said to her friends
They laughed at her as they grabbed banners as she grabbed daggers out the back
Just for tryin' to breathe like an asthmatic, she can't live without him
Even if they frown lasts forever, they won't take her smile from her
It's something 'bout him
She loves his faithfulness
He makes her forget that she play to win
He chase her then
He gave her a hint when he came and gave her drink
She must'a thought the water was hers
So she curved don't think
I was urgent to serve you
Link you with purpose an' turn you clean
You were washin', I watched you and bought you to me
You ain't walkin' for free
The cost wasn't cheap
The cross was Holocaust for the people of God
Lost in the evil, yawnin' at Jesus, scoffin' and pleadin'
For coffers to keep 'im
Applaudin' the heathens
And callin' it reason
He called it in Eden
That "I will call you and lead you to I
I am the reason you findin' this peace in God
Who frees every eagle you eye in the evening
You find the lions eatin' the iron
You see, I am the science you seek
The Mountain of Zion
You climb and find it too high
For the reach defyin' the vine
Gonna wind up blind in the eye
Blinks to find the mind of the priests go find with my beginnin'
Find me in it
I'm omni-omnipresent, the present
The God, the guy who, better not
All you call in heaven
Involvin' all the evidence
Solve 'em all it's evident Paul
He saw with imminent awe
The penitence, penalties gone
And I won't mention Him fallin' off"
She says:
"Aw, man"

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Songwriter(s): Christina Bell, Odd Thomas, Braille
Record Label(s): 2018 Humble Beast
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