Y'all Don't Hear Me Lyrics

Whoa! Yeah, haha
Holla at ya boy man
This thing's about to get ugly man
It's that dude, ah
Its crazy right now (Crazy!)
The world is not ready (It's over baby!)
We taking over the whole industry right now!
But y'all don't hear me
Naw, y'all don't hear me

Y'all don't hear me when I speak (What!)
You just listen to the beat (What!)
If you bouncin' and you don't know why, (What!)
Whylin' in the streets (What!)
Get the elbows in the air (What!)
Throw them bows like you don't care (What!)
Get crunk, play ball, its on up in here! (What! What! What! What!)
Y'all don't hear me when I speak (What!)
You just listen to the beat (What!)
If you noddin' and you don't know why (What!)
Whylin' in the streets (What!)
Got the hands up in the air (What!)
Throw them up like you don't care (What!)
Get liiiiiive, boy, cause its on up in here! (What! What! What! What!)

[Verse 1]
I'm the answer to your problems
If you listen to my album
Line me up, some shows I rock 'em
Call me Ishues cause I got 'em
Yo who shot him? It was me, I said
Damn, ol' nigga why you be like that? (Yeah)
I'm the one like Jet Li, test me
Lets see if you'll be right back
Where's my soldiers that'll ride with me, will die with me
Will go and mix live with me, will rock with me
Will go till one stops the beat, drop the beat, and make y'all pop the heat
This is gonna be a hit now, get down!
I don't rip shows, I rip towns
Get on any beat, switch styles (Wait a minute!)
Slow it down, make it all fit now
It's the I to the S, now gimme the H
U-E-S yes, y'all, niggaz you hate
Tri-State, hats off to the 'Nolia state
From the Empire State to the Golden Gate
(Ewww!) Yo' flow kinda nasty
That shit reminds me of a track meet
Problem is, your rhyme sounds like a trash heap
When I'm done, everybody in the stands gonna catch me!


[Verse 2]
Wallow while you ridin'
Noddin' while you drivin'
Switch the styles so while I'm rhymin'
(Droppin' bombs!) Yo every time I see a
microphone I get it, spit it
Rip it, never quit it
Wicked with the way I flip it
Made it ma! I probably did it
Give it to you any way you want it
Darn it, you ain't on it
You get flaunted if you up
But don't get mad when you lay dormant
On the street with bloody clothes with holes
Make dough off muddy flows
Suppose your eyes could close at night
Do you know where you want to go?
I only show you how to live
Can't raise you though, I got a kid
I gotta give you nothing but the hottest with a ... twist
I'm dropping it from Jersey to the Dirty Dirty, yeah you heard me
Half these rappers suck like Kirby, do I think I'm hot? Certainly
Hurtin' me, well that's impossible, illogical
I'm virtually unstoppable
To try me is to end up in a hospital
I gotta go the distance, see this day down to the finish
When it's over state my independence, can I get a witness?


Northside yeah! (What!) Yo it's on up in here! (What!)
To the southside yeah! (What!) It's on up in here! (What!)
To the eastside yeah! (What!) It's on up in here! (What!)
To the westside yeah! (What!) It's on up in here! (What!)

What! [x10]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Attica Sound LLC
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