Ice Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm American Pie, get a slice
I'm what you call ice
I'm rested in my showcase for a real good price
About as much as a car, but not too much for a star
Some cat paid cash on me so we could look flashy at the bar
I draw too much attention, really, but this clown is really silly
He's like "I'm just a flosser babay" so come and get me
Chickens crowd around just to see
"I like your chain, can I chill with you in VIP?" ...stupid!
He got drunk, he got high
He got crunk with the guys
But if he woulda realized, he woulda watched for the hungry eyes
Now I, feel like someone's watching meee
And if I didnt know better, I'd think that they were plottin' (yo, stick this nig')
I'm hangin' from this cat's neck, making eye contact
With thugs that need 2 ID's to cash checks
Suddenly I see them whispering like they was in the huddle
While this fella's cuddled up with a chick, poppin' some bubbles
And its double trouble, cause he really don't care
And the worst thing you could be right now is unaware
I hang helplessly, waiting for the deal to go down
Thinking, "Damn, how did I ever get mixed up with this clown?", because I'm

[Chorus x2]
Ice, people spend they whole lives trying to chase me
Ice, people spend a good price just to replace me
Ice, I could get you play from the illest dimes, cause I'm
Ice, I could get you slain in the illest crimes

[Verse 2]
I'm on the dance floor swinging
With my brother, hes sitting on his hands all blingin', we mixing it up
Plus, he got Cris' in his cup, and its spilling on the floor
Grindin' on a shorty, plotting on her, looking to score
Cause hes a playa, and his neck is frosty like the Himalayas
Chickens like that, he spilled a drink on me, "I'll be right back"
He went into the bathroom to wipe me off
When two cats came in behind him and went right to the stalls
They nodded like they was saying "What up" but no words were spoken
They had they back to us, we couldn't see what they was holding
My owner was too drunk to even see what was happening
He turned around to leave, one cat gave him some dap and said
"Yo, your chain is hot, son, but I'm too broke to cock one
So gimme yours unless you really wanna catch a hot one"
I felt helpless, this cat was about to die because of me
That's when I felt his hand grab me, my owner yelled and
That nigga pulled out a weapon from his pelvis
And shot him one time, the bullet came out his spine
Over the music you could hear the shot *gunshot*, everybody started running
My owner, his body dropped next to the sink
The two thugs ran, because this wasn't part of the plan
He put me in his pocket, put his pistol back in his pants
And jumped in the whip, and where we went? No one knows
But he took away someone's soul, left his body dead cold, you know?

[Chorus x2]

[car starting, music playing in background]
Is that how it is out here now?
Niggaz trying to die for they chain now?
You stupid f**king..
(I think you killed him!)
So what?
I'm hungry out here man, I gotta eat
Ain't got time for all these clown niggaz thinking they sweet out here and shit
Guess we home free on this one though huh?
Oh, no, no, no, not tonight! There's a cop
Yo, turn that down man, turn that down

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Record Label(s): 2004 Attica Sound LLC

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