Get Right Lyrics

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Get money, get fly, get busy, get live
Get over, get by, get women, get high
Get right!
[Inspectah Deck]
Think you can stop us, really? Ya'll niggaz got to feel me
Peel out Suzuki's, make those Kawasaki's pop a wheelie
'cause only I could hold me, V.S.O.P. control me
Better watch those rollies, yo, we crash spots, warn the police
You think you know me, cool as Coolie High, co-chief
Roamin' the streets, black like no justice and no peace
Keepin' the pace, not gon' lose my place, in this paper chase
Smell this pie we bake, make your plate, take a taste
Make no mistakes, though, some toes gettin' stepped on
My name is tephlon, hook 'em like it's methadone
Whenever the record's on, set the bomb, test my arm
I'm never alarmed, the best are harmed when the pressure's on
Back on the block, pull up on the spot, drunk's pop
Once a drop, echoin' through ghettoes like gun shots
Pull out that twenty spot, what we got's above hot
Killa Beez, we run shop, runnin' from the top, it goes
[Inspectah Deck]
Listen, baby, work your dance, to this verse I chant
Victim of my circumstance, get at me, first chance
Bet it's a short deal, good, how ya'll feel
Ditech, it's all wheel, gonna make 'em all kneel
Givin' the play, million shipped today, who got shit to say?
Poured it in Broadway, check me out in the big display
That's overlookin', Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn
Staten, Manhattan, wherever there's a hood in
I dig my foot in, men of honor like I'm Cuba Gooding
You was bookin' when they jumped off, but who was lookin'
Via satellite, I broadcast the fast light
That's right, pass the mic, load me up, I'll crash it tight
When in the zone, I lose it, I'll put them blown in fuses
There's no explainin', no escapin' and no excuses
Move if you true, the kid is due, let my niggaz through
Gettin' physical and the streets continue to
[Bridge: Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, yeah
Ya'll, and that's right ya'll
And we goin' no where, it's all night ya'll
I love my ladies with jeans that fit tight ya'll
For all my fellas on bikes with chrome pipes, ya'll
Ya'll from the north, west, south to the east side
We really don't mind, we rep each side
Haters get mad, they left outside
You feel what I feel, then come inside
[Inspectah Deck]
The eyes like David Caress, so check my following
Move with The Movement, that's your only option
My coalition, all in position on this mission
No quittin', slowly inchin' closer to this vision
Wont you listen, couldn't inflict your system with conviction
Stop your bitchin', hard times is all you're gettin'
See the fire in my eyes, desire in my vibes
Liar in disguise, never measure eye and eye
On any of us, what, bounce, before you get touched
The town's not big enough, give it up, get it shut
Down like Studio 54, you know that this be raw, you know that this be war
I'm ahead of the game, why lose, it's better to gain, no darts
Are ever the same, Deck's my name, I never changed
On the road to riches, out to foe the snitches
I roll wit chicks who pose for pictures, they rich and hold the figures

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Songwriter(s): Jason Hunter, Carlos Evans
Publisher(s): Diggs Family Music, Hassencentric *terminated*
Record Label(s): 2003 KOCH RECORDS
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