Simian D Aka Feeling Ignorant Lyrics (feat. El-p)

F/ I'll Bill


Simian drugs, simian drugs
Everybody's in love with our simian drugs

[Ill Bill]
If it wasn't for Microsoft, you faggots wouldn't have no fans
If you lived in the Middle East, you faggots wouldn't have no hands
Still a bunch of jerk offs, I f*ck your mother then I murk off

You could suck tits like Schillinger's kitten, isolation provokin panic
And f*cked in the ass by Sting for seven hours, tantric
Set the phone in a fan-zine for the the man boy love circuit
Society, a stain, plain murderers are worthless

[Ill Bill]
You know you heard it
I grab your crucifix and invert it
f*ck a consequence, I chop the head, gangster apocalypse
Walk into banks and write "withdrawals" on the deposit slip
This female cop ran up on me, so I shot the bitch

From the brain of John Malkovich
Insane from the stain frame
The twelve monkeys caught in a corrupted cock blender
Serenity hits the shits
Dickin of lips of Rocky Horror Pics
Face, scar tissue, standard issue

[Ill Bill]
I hit you with your entire generation
I'm friends with God, and I'm friends with Satan
It all depends upon my situation
I'm flippin the chains to keep my pistols equipped with lasers
Stranger to major labels, I'll Bill
f*ck a tell-lie-vision, this is cable

Like an abusive home with sitcom laugh tracks
Grafted from television's gloden era
A demolition pirate, drive a plain automobile and spit metal barbs
Play jacks without Barbie
I'm on a battlecat bombin baby

[Ill Bill]
I'm mad crazy
Used to be a really nice guy, at one time
Now I pull out nines, at one time
And love crime, the drug find
It's way into rhyme
The rhymes find their way into my drug
I'm in love with hate it's great
The hooker had me hooked just after one date
"It's Grrreat!"

A time that miscreants
Shit more than just dissin and stimulants
You caught in a small space
Dusted with a psychopath simian
Justice is a garden tool
In the hands of the militant
Primitive villagers with no food
The weaponry is crude

[Ill Bill]
Back from behind bars
I be like Biggie Smalls and die large

[El-Producto] With Patty Hearst cleaning guns
In the back of a stolen car
With the hands of a bleeding bueracrat
Banned from Ishtar

[Ill Bill]
I like good girls
But triflin bitches get my dick hard

Hard, hard, hard, hard

Simian drugs, simian drugs
"? the? S's?"
Everybody's in love with our simian drugs
"? the? S's"
"Where you at monkey?"---> D-Stroy

[Ill Bill]
Droppin from planet rap
The CEOs deflect bullets with laptops
To sell crack rock
We be "Licensed to Ill" like Ad Rock

And Stanley, a Mortimer trading places
With a faceless mascot
In a monkey suit with bloody execs and a L.I.R.R.
Reached they last stop

[Ill Bill]
Last cop, beat by my my blueprints
I'ma do shit if the shoe fits
You'll take a whole precint with you too, kid

Mascot of mayhem
Direct from brainstem on tilt
With hands across the genocidal American quilt


[Ill Bill]
I walk around like it's game over (sorry)
Peep out the replay
The opposite opponent got his exploded

It's all midget whores on stilts
Tall tales from little f*cks
Can't you trust a flip flace
Like large Marge in a Mack Truck
Back up

[Ill Bill]
The new paranoia
Look over contracts on behalf of lawyers
Laugh at toys, I blast at asteroids
Go ask your daughter

Illicus, spillicus
Plus funcrush that's killin this
Willingly similar pendages
Filling this blank page with syllabus
Centuries certified murder hurts
Best when flesh left on quarterized
Labeled my words in the dirty earth
Feelin this

[Ill Bill]
If not, you better have your f*ckin head examined
The type of shit I'm on
Cats have only read about and carved in granite
Pull up your skirt and cause your heart to vanish
I start the madness
Pull out and bust my art upon the canvas

Yo, loose leaf
You're spooky too, shoot community
Via CIA spook without truth and immunity
Pehaps doom will be the proof, in the streets
Soon to see, looters on the loot
They got guns and impunity


Yeah, baby

*Mr. Len cuts and scratches for the rest of the track*

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Record Label(s): 2011 Uncle Howie Records
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