Dope Fiend '94 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Let me get that needle, pass it,
When it comes to the get high, baby I'm a junky bastard
The fastest, so I'm a flow exempt me
Let me get a dozen bagels and a ???
Now please arrest me, officer,
'Cause I started lookin' in the Nautica
Polo, Tommy Hillfiger sweater
Mr. Woody Harrilson couldn't do no better
I'm Natural Born to the motherf**kin' letter
For pleasure, I dig out your brain like treasure
Take your blood pressure, examine, measure
Discover, twenty years ago I f**ked your mother
I'm a born junky, I'll never recover

[Chorus x2]
Let me get that needle, pass it, when it comes to bein' the dope fiend,
Kid I got's to have it
Let me get that needle, pass it, when it comes to the get high,
Baby I'm a junky bastard

[Verse 2]
I be gettin' voodoo raw like Greek sex
I'm searchin' for six chicks wit' sloppy tits hangin' off their chests
f**k kickin' flavor in your ear,
I'd rather kick you in your f**kin' cunt, then rip off your brassiere
I'm here, Mr. I-double-L-B,
A-double-L, puffin' on a nick a crack in my jail-cell
They pay me well for my services
When I murder kids, I orgasm
Then I get rid of the evidence
Left up on the scene of the crime
I spit back inside of my mouth when I rhyme
Bloody, little punk ass, rudy-dudy
Let me get your crack-rock and all your money
Sonny, I'm a f**kin' sicky
I'm a six-inch it in then toss you in the lake like Ricki
Illin' like a handy-capped spaz
Peep the soup-bass, rippin' out the frame of your ass

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Walkin' through the rain, I saw you
You were holdin' hands, I'm startin' to feel like Orange Juice Jones
I don't really care if you just returned your glasses
I'm a take a butcher knife to your sorry asses
(?) Stop fantasizing about pizza-pies wit' (?)
Body parts n shit, get your f**kin' throat slit
'Cause I'm a modern crazy guy, you're all gonna die
So why even bother actin' fly on the plane to Chicago
Call Hertz rent a rental car
Think your crazy 'cause you got a scar
Think again, I'll cut you again
I'm a put that doody-casserole inside of your mother's oven

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2011 Uncle Howie Records

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