Awaiting The Hour Lyrics (feat. Killah Priest)

[Verse 1: Killah Priest]

The gladiator’s here ? severest
The stage is a colosseum, skull and bone mausoleum
Also they play my rhymes, art museums
Where I display my dark gothic teachings
You can see em, my rhymes form from mind storms
Lyrics a blizzard, no signs of warmth
Children behind the corn, big silver rosary beads
Blows underneath my feet
Thick ? of patchouli oil, blessed dry hemp inside aluminum foil
Tattered arm slow motion when I walk back round
You hear the Vatican songs, hymns from the Catholic cons
Master my psalms, black skies, Rabbis
Bat fly follow by my entrance
Splendid vengeance venting relentless
Vintage rhymes bless blood, splash guts
Flash to cannon of ash, the aftermath after life
Is grim, light turns dim, you grab the mic again
You hermaphrodites will grin
I was born from two Seraphims
Pleased the Nephalim
Genesis Six chapter guess again, the son of God
Had sex with the daughters, blessed, name was Walter
Second quarter I’ll bring you all to the alter
Prepare for slaughter and the offering
Arastaph Christ cross in a sling
Of David arming Rob in the haunting bars I spit
Jujitsu mysticism, I’m more disturbed than Richard the Third
The is the word

[Chorus x 4]

I’m a Slayer album personified, Holocaust, Columbine
This is Ill Bill

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]

Undead cannibals unleased for the people feast
I roam with scissors and walk among the talking lizards
Drink rain from human skulls with Attila the Hun
While my inner pain is translated and written in blood
Enemies of peace in red robes, evil priests, dead scrolls
Evil beats, Necro, lethal me or else chrome
Enter into the realm of Satan, hell awaits, I elevate
Levitate a billion miles above you when I meditate
All the while the cults section that begin to chill your spine
Cause I’mma rhyme, repeated words echo through your mind
Blood blizzards, drug wizards, jux ?, guns ?
f**k physics, the wife blew me then sucked his dick
She got the hiccups, Gene Simmons, devil horns fist up
Sharper than what got Tony Iommi’s fingertips cut
I’ll finger the slut, Mary Mother of Christ now a whore
Slice her across the belly, open the door
Messianic caesarean, Satanic ovarian, delirium
A loose Atherian, imperium, a Christ illusion
Do as thou wilt, your life’s a choosing
Stigmata wounds ooze and puzuzu possess Susan
Seduced her to use her womb consumed by a doom lucid
Lacerated sky, puss spewing, gooey putrid
Revolting, repulsive, my lightning bolt voltages occultist
A cultist holding the ambulance of codis
Assaulting mind of Moses, my ? Mohammed
The coming of the comet erupted volcanoes of virus and vomit

[Chorus repeated]

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