Reckless In The Booth Lyrics

[Hook] x 2
My juice is 900 proof,
Only message to the youth
I'm reckless in the booth

I tell you no lies, please recognize
I'll tear your monkey ass, to pieces and prize
Niggas realize, it's not a disguise
This hardcore shit will make your home girl strip
Make you wanna take a sip of that red cup,
Guess what, rest up, don't give a f**k
Never did, small shit is irrelevant
Heaven knows only live for the hell of it
Know the elephant, hate anything celibate
Don't really give a damn, what I tell a bitch
Home going to the moon might see you soon
Try to get that outlaw out the saloon
Hear the click clack first then you hear the boom
Get the f**k off my clap, mushroom
Get out my face before I drop you
Don't try to gamble, with Earl Campbell
I scramble your eggs boy
Replace your arms with your motherf**king legs boy
They call me Dexter, David Hester, Clyde Drexler
MMA, you's a wrestler

[Hook] x 2
My juice is 900 proof,
Only message to the youth
I'm reckless in the booth

I don't know why these suckers is fronting
Like they ain't running and ducking
With my team start that bucking and f**king
That's what happen when you get something from nothing
Any motherf**kers that wanna kick it done out in public
No I'm g motherf**ker and it's good to be home
And I say sorry for the wait but I was burning the throne
It's time to take shit, got no time for the hate bitch
They talk shit, cause they ain't shit
It's that rise of the ape shit,
With no cesar, catch me rocking the pro
Like I'm on that number 8 shit
Niggas in the back wit their traps upon their hats
And they guess they pack all black
They'll take your racks on racks on racks nigga
Thank god the gangster's back
And we ain't gotta put up with this brainless rap
Oh my goodness, ong and I'm reckless in the booth
And I ain't never been less than the truth, motherf**ker!

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