These Shining Lights Of America Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
As a nation we look at our people, enveloped in darkness, Bush is in control and we all know he could care less. He has his finger on the button, he could ruin the the state of the union, we have to do something. Revolting and chaos is primal our nature and war, what are we still fighting this epic battle for. We send our families overseas, to fight for our country and fight for their dreams, we try to get them back to us by any means but we know how it goes once the show starts their thrown into the warlike stove, torn away from the comfort of home. Behind enemy lines could be the one barrier that defines the future of our people and how our struggle unwinds. We step in unison to defend our flag, knowing that our future may lie in a body bag. We wage war and find no peace; we look for understanding from the Middle East. Our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers by our sides… they seem to be the only ones we have left to confide.

We fight our way through the broken homes, looking for peace and someone that knows that the future we struggle for will bring a brighter day, we will defend this flag till the end, and we'll fight.

[Verse 2:]
The children of broken homes look so alone they are the constant drones that have nowhere to go. As a union we look like were showing a form of sympathy, please don't flatter yourselves your just a false epitome. We claim to show care, most of us unaware of the hate and fear that goes on over there. Innocence is the first casualty…

[Chorus Repeat] (x2)

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