Angels With Dirty Faces Lyrics

Talking to my boy the other day. He said if he gave every time somebody asked, he wouldn’t have nothing left for himself. But he ain’t never tried that
[Verse 1]
I ain’t a bad guy for keeping my cash caught up as poverty passed by
Looked right in my staring eyes and asked, “Could I spare a dime?”
Next guy wouldn’t spare his, Why should I spare mine?
Call it, “New York state of mind,” but please bare in mind
I know he in a bind, but he gone go buy beer and wine
I work my 9 to 5 trying to provide for me and mine
Not to sponsor every slob that survived Vietnam
Cordial status or his noble cause might be a con
No way to find out if he a fraud, so don’t mind me if I'm
More the kind of guy inclined to unkindly decline
Besides the fact that panhandling’s apparently a crime
Lucky PD of NY decided to let him slide
Could’ve collared his behind and made him pay a fine
Before he came and started whining, everything was fine
No wonder every other night something is set on fire
How a form of life, forms a life in front of me
Kinda like infinity, So all souls alike
There is no polite Lighting bolts of energy
I’ve composed an elegy for those that froze tonight
My bros that froze tonight
[Verse 2]
I ain’t ate nothing since last night
That was from the trash heap; somebody’s last bite
Outfit getting real dim, used to be real bright
Jeans are fitting real dim, used to be real tight
Teeth are looking real brown, was real white
It hasn’t seen no Tide, not in a long time
I’m just trying to catch a ride, please spare a bike
You ain’t got to act like I’m some type of parasite
Caught up in a paradigm, I’ve lost Paradise
Silent as a pantomime every day of life
Sullen as Balboa’s eyes, when Apollo died
Walk out and get swallowed up, got to swallow pride
Not the one to want and whine, but the bottom line
Is now I got a lot of doubt, I won’t make it out alive
At school we’re taught the golden rule, but no one advised
(?) and fight the otherwise most of the homicide
[Verse 3]
Imagine if you was dying and nobody helped you
If ain’t nobody listen you might talk to yourself too
Turning up your nose, holding you nose going, “Pugh”
Church, y’all in the front row, fill up the whole pew
Crying like it’s God’s word, what yall gone do?
When it’s time to show him proof, you gone like, “PEW!”
Some walked in with no shoes, guess that’s your cue
To act entirely consumed in your Sudoku
Hundred dimes, with dime sack with fine bamboo
Then some pair of dime cats who act brand new
So many empty hands answered with, “No can do.”
Gots some wider hands letting their hands taboo
Like Flacco on a Rave’s fan.matter fact two!
I mean the human race panned into straight Raccoon
Blessed to just to have food, than have gratitude
But you wouldn’t bless the next man if he had’ve “achooed!”

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Record Label(s): 2010 Boy Sand Industries
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