Suspension Lyrics

Chorus: Suspension, yeah, that's what I'm on
Been that way since the day I was born
They say I never know which way I'm going
But even now, I'm gonna keep writin' my songs!

So I'm the results of a thousand electric volts
Got a neck wit bolts
[Everyone's opinion seems to be false]
I'm a kid who refuses to respect adults
Got a 3310, blonde hair and a new rep
An irish f**kin' headteacher, grey hair and always blaming me
So one day, I think I'll strike back and steal his toupee from his coat rack
My first day at CTK high, this prick said "Its you and I, 3:35 sharp after school you die!"
I looked at my watch it was 1:20
"I already give you my lunch money, what more do you want from me?"
He said "Do not f**kin' run from me, you'll just make it worse!"
I got all hot and sweaty and shit myself at first
Something told me 'try to make the fight happen now, it'll work!'
I screamed
Hodinem: "C'mon you f**kin' prick, teacher, teacher quick I need help"
Teacher: " Stephen do your work"
Hodinem: " Nah! I'ma twat that cunt first!"
Teacher: "You what? Get outta the class and home to your mummy"
Hodinem: "I'm waiting here, after school it's you and me"
Teacher: "Mr Hodson the fun and games are over and just for that stunt you'r getting extra homework!"
Hodinem: "But don't you want to give me 'Internal Suspension'?
Teacher: "Nah, that kid thinks he's gonna beat your ass, so I'ma let him!"

Chorus: [Repeat Twice]

Way before I started rappin' daily
I was harrased on a regular basis
By this paki who thought I was a racist
A year eleven, who pused me into the lockers
Probably coz his father was a kickboxer
So everyday he made me pick up dockers
One day he came in the toilets while I was pissin'
And put me in a position where he beat me into submission
He smacked my head on the drainpipe till my nose was broke
Soacked my coat with piss, grabbed me and strangled my throat
I tried to stop it and make up an excuse
About me and being late for the bus queue but he kept chokin' me till I couldn't breathe
He looked at me and said "You gonna die, Hoddy!"
The headmaster walked in, pulled his cock out and pissed on me
I made 'em leave by makin' 'em think I was dead
I'd held my breath for like ten inutes before they left
I got up and staggered to the technology storage rooms
Grabbed some hacksaws and a chainsaw amogst other tools
This is for everytime you made my shirt come loose or stole my lunch money or my pornographic mags
Everytime you tripped me up and I landed in my soup
I gettin' you back prink, now and it feels good
I dragged his body outside and dug a grave in the mud, therew him in
and covered it up with soot...
Later on at home, that same f**kin' day
I was doin' my homework and all aspect of vision went away
I didn't even know what I was tryin' to write
I went into the bathroom and fell in some shite
My mother started screamin' "What the f**k is this all ove my rug?"
"It looks like shit but it f**kin' tastes good!"
She hit me over the head with a wooden doll
It created a hole big enough for my whole brain to seep outta my skull
I picked it up and screamed "f**kin' hell mum what have you done?"
She said "Holy shit, I'm sorry son!"
"Shut up you cunt!"
I picked it up, stuck it back up in my head, glued it shut and shove a couple of screws in my head

Chorus: [Repeat Till Fade]

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