Releasing Anger Lyrics

[Yo! Hodinem'z in tha muthaf**kin' house]
When no-one's watchin' I'll f**k ya spouse
I'm quick wit my rhymes, all da f**kin' time
I f**ked your bitch, cracked open your wine
I'll always be around,
No-one ta stop me coz of my sounds
No shit I act like slim, but I ain't him
I know for a fact, I'm betta than him
Hodinem walks in da door
Talkin' shit [Hardcore!!]
My freestyles I spit, definately ain't shit
Know this: Hodinem ain't scared to hustle, haggle, spit, slit, shit, dick, bitch!!
So say my motherf**kin' name, play da motherf**kin' game
Hodinem'll be around, wit all deez motherf**kin' sounds
I'm this, I'm that, no shit I ain't black.
People say white rappaz get laughed at
Not only that you heard me upstairs, I'm shit, I can't rap
No-one'll get my rap style banned
Tryin' ta throw me away like a frizbee, I'll be back like a boomerang.
Hodinem'z got his own gang.
So, izzy, wizzy Hodinem'z gettin' busy
Diss me all, I know you won't
Coz it'll be you who is the stupid cunt
When Hodinem stops, you know, he ain't finished
Coz then you'll feel the wrath of a menace.
I'm the thug, the nigga you'll love ta hate.
I say f**k the world, I take a glance and they know it'll be my chance to advance
So everyone betta back the f**k up, before they get smacked the f**k up
Hodinem is Infiite, you heard of hell?
Well I was sent from it.
All deez whack emcee's ain't nothin' but shit, they got no keys, no partnership deals and no cheese, I guess they just lowlife G's
People sayin' I'm a fake-assed rapper,
But if a bitch don't satisfy, I'll slap 'er
I hate people who tell me to keep my styles the cleanest, well,
They don't know shit, I'm keepin' my styles the leanest, the meanest.
Coz this is my first rap, I thought I'd add no chorus, [But Why?]
Cuz I Didn't wanna bore us
All this rap shit takes time to come to terms with, but better to start now,
writin', shitein', spit-shinin', handgliding, fantasizing.
But no matter what people say I'm gonna keep on rappin' this way.
When I first started I sounded shite,
But now my styles are explosive, like dynamite [YO!]
I'm a hostage taker, a ball breaker I'll tell ya to your face you ain't shit but a faker.
I'll always remember, coz I never forget, white girls around black rappers ain't shit but sweats.
I'm like Limp Bizkit, I keep on rollin', I'm strollin' through this rap,
With no pressure and no heat.
I'll always be back after a defeat [Prove It!]
Meet me on the street at dusk, there'll be no f**kin' fuss
I'll use my words to crush my opponents, I never show no emotion, my words will kill whoevers steppin to me
My words are like weaponry on a record!

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