H&r Blocks Lyrics

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, Heaven Razah
Aiyo my pen is mightier than the sword
Data Productions, it's a weapon
Yea, after this shit, send a nigga back to re-record it
Maccabeez, the Rabii, soldier general
Dreddy Krug', the Razah's back, nigga, yea
Check it...

[Hell Razah:]
My time be worth money but I'm not a Rolex
My passport got stamps getting dough in Quebec
I gun test your best, put a whole in your chest
Leave you screaming, bleeding needing a Cotex
From the blood, sweat and tears, I'm hurting careers
With OG's who be cleaning their guns, the raw years
Come by in the shootout rolling in wheelchairs
Same spot you be hustling, niggas get killed there
Hop up for the D's to pop up
The ice in the chain's like frozen vodka
Ain't nothing sweet here, we holding partner
I burn your roster, smoke y'all like trees from a Rasta
You no MC's, you thieves and impostors
Clones and backstabbers, half-smiling faces
My gun hit anyone son, it ain't racist
Put you on TV, even on newspapers
Who wanna get shot to be young, rich and famous?
And take it up the anus for rap entertainment
And sell their soul to be surrounded by strangers
I'm dangerous...

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
This is 'H&R Block' where I 'Rapid Refund'
Got connects with Arabs that sell machineguns
Know Jamaicans with trees that's born with green thumbs

[Hell Razah:]
I'm a kidnap your queen and wait 'til the king come
Take the life from the bishops and knights with one knife
Checkmate, I assassinate the head of the snake
Stare the judge in the face while I'm pleading my case
Razah verse the people of the New York State
I'm not guilty, the government got plans to kill me
Just because you wash your hands you still filthy
I hope y'all film me
Criminology, crime pays, snakes moving in sideways
I switch lanes on lames like I'm a highway
I get your brain enslaved into my sound wave
Still smoke me an ounce a day, violate, four pounds are sprayed
I keep labs out of town to stay, where Osama pray
It's Ghetto Government USA
I hooked up with two ese's and AKs in East LA
International, worldwide Maccabee
Admire the rabbi, 'Razah Rubies'
Spit King Tut jewellery that 'Shining' like Jack Nicholson
I'm the first and the last so there ain't no middle men
Got trees of that ganja like I sponsor Timberlands
Niggas gong back and forth, I ain't playing Wimbledon with them

[Break: Hell Razah]
Let my tracks just talk to niggas
Yo Data

[Hell Razah:]
I got them scared, can't sleep, with a gun in his palm
Know Arabs from Yemen who be wiring bombs
Big guns when we shoot them that be shaking your arms
Feds studying my tape like it came from Saddam
Y'all Uncle Tom ass niggas, knowing y'all feel this
Have my killers come through the block and rob y'all dealers
Run up in your label, smack your A&R
'Cause he seeing kickback while you kicking wack bars
I make you a star, give you scars and some bullet wounds
Put you on the table in the operator room
My scope got view that will zoom from the rifle
It's Maccabee Militant, project survival
I tap to a scripture on my arm from the Bible
And make 'Rebel Music' for snipers to ride to
The son of Castro, my pops had an afro
Now be a poppy seed, cooking up a crack blow
Back like '88, sheep skins and rope chains
Do it like Kline and say he did it to the coke game
Born when Cadillac's played Johnny Coltrane
Raised off of Al Green killing it on Soul Train
f**ks with me

[Outro: Hell Razah]
R.H.P., y'all niggaz is f**kin' wack
GGO, Maccabeez official
Uh-huh, Daddy Razah
What up? Yeah... Data
Did another one... another one

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