Food For Thought Lyrics

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh
Rabbi Razah, B.K. R.H.P.
Yeah, GGO's, yeah

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
One-two, ya'll, ya gots to elevate
All ya wack ass niggas reppin' New York State
One-two, ya'll, ya best to elevate
All ya wack ass niggas reppin' New York State

[Hook x2: Stash]
One-two, ya'll, we got to regulate
All these wack ass rappers reppin' New York State

[Hell Razah:]
Nowadays you can't tell who's a gimmick or real
So I let my gun manage them, to give them a deal
Brought an extra clip with me just to finish the kill
Tell your label that your royalties pay for the bill
You's a write-off artist like an industry mill
Now that contract you just signed became your will
The more I spill, more burners from Israel
Killers couldn't feel what you were spitting if they swallowed a E pill, nigga
Sit still, this the barbers chair, Razah be a sharper spear
At midnight my revolvers flair, they know the young Godfather's near
I pop-pop like it's happy new year
When we meet, wanna pass weed and Heineken beers
When you see me with my polar bears hide your ears
We turn the hood into woods, start hunting the dears
Desert Eagles like Noah, we get them in pairs
One male, one female, then pick up the shells
I bet you stop spitting fire when I send you to Hell
And what's sixteen bars if it ain't in the jail?
You locked without bail in your own brain cell
No wonder why no homies ain't sending you mail, haha

[Marvelous Bless:]
Look, I've been in these streets for too long, nigga, too long
Still too strong, keep my words
If I see you in streets, it's on, to each, is on
Niggas better keep they chrome, muthaf**ka
Throwing dirt on my name, like I lost my touch
Got my name in they mouth, like I lost my guts
Got the game f**ked up like I won't go nuts
Put two up in your face, so you won't wake up
Now what the f**k do you think this is?
Who the f**k do you think I am? Duke, your not my man
Don't come around here, try'nna shake my hand
With a smile up in your face, I'm a spit in your face
And let it be known, niggas in a danger zone
Too late, when you beefing, and these guns is shown
Too late, when you bleeding, and these guns was blown
Too late, when you dead, and I can't go home
So f**k the world, ever since I lost my bitch
Did a bid, while another nigga, f**ked my bitch
Came home, found this bitch, made her suck my dick
Got head in the telly, while he called on the celly
Ya'll, niggas, ain't, ready, bottom line
Huh, f**k ya'll niggas, bottom line
A bunch of he-said this, gossip
Here-say, let me say this shit clearly
I don't like none of ya'll, so f**k all of ya'll

[Hook x2]

Let me show you I do this easy, it ain't nothing to me
I ain't even reached my peak, and got a ton of hit
If I spit it off the tongue, it came off the street
Attack beats and I ain't hyper, I'm just sick with it
I can say alot until at your neck with it
Man, I'm heavy in the game and my name ring it
I heard you singing to the people, dropping names with them
You making it bad for homies in the game, winning
I see you chilling, crazy sipping, you a baller, huh?
You got 20's on them skinnies, you a crawler, huh?
I knock the winds off her like the prophet stack
And whenever you out of pocket, gotta pay for that
You gon' weasel with chick ways, getting smacked for that
And I heard you like to talk, I can handle that
Stick the handle down his mouth, til his neck snap
And I'm sicker with every rhyme, I got more of that
Stash, nigga, get it right, holla at me

[Outro: Stash]
Razah, Hell Razah, yeah yeah, Bless, Marvelous Bless
It's a Red Hook thing, my nigga Data on the board
Uh-huh, get it right, we ain't hot, we hungry, nigga
Get it right

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