Armed N Dangerous Lyrics

[Intro: Marvelous Bless]
Yeah... Ghetto Government
Marvelous... Bless...
We do what the f**k we want?
You heard me? Nigga... let's go...
Yo... huh

[Chorus: Marvelous Bless]
Get bucked and get hit, what, now or never
Four fifths and long sense, burn through your leather
You couldn't stop this, niggas seeing more cheddar
Laying back, my whole click eating mo' better
Get bucked and get hit, what, now or never
Four fifths and long sense, burn baby burn
You couldn't stop this, niggas seeing more cheddar
Laying back, my whole click, yo

[Hook: Hell Razah]
It go pop-pop-pop, when you shot, whose to blame?
Headlines, front page, Ghetto Gov's the name
It's Razah Rubies, GG's the game
Yours truly, yo GG ya flame

[Hell Razah:]
On the dirty blocks of Red Hook, we learned to get our first checkbook
Be a crook, let the cocaine cook
Little brothers turn to workers, cops draw guns
So they can search us, and question us about the murders
Til we figure, why, God cursed us
And that this wicked world was never worth us
We show respect, to the ones who birthed us
Took care of us, on welfare, we grown now, belchin' from beers
Smoke weed in the project stairs
Half my peers, got hit with like, fifteen years
And the age we was at, was like, sixteen years
Graves is callin', open it, for slaves to fall in
As the ghetto take the lives of those, made for ballin'
Layin' in coffin, cries to the church organ
Some will hustle til six in the morning, just for the fortune
For a new whip, invented for flossin'
Cop the Benz, from the auto auction, we broke his window with a piece of porcelein
Stay strapped for ya jealousy cats
Lay they heads, same place they do they felonies at
You ain't the only one who sell crack, or got gats
Alotta niggas got that, some left with death and never got back
Some will cock back, and pop that, so pop shit without that
Be careful what you follow if you ain't about that

[Chorus x2]

[Marvelous Bless:]
Who am I? Accumulate weight
T circulate the great, capitalize your face, that state
Bless 'em son, the raw lyricist nigga, feeling this papa
They fearing us, pockets thick like this
You funny style, bitch love me long time, got a purpose on this Earth
Take yours for what it's worth, keep mines, Government style
Now something proper, you ain't seen in a while, hah
Sure shot, New York, what, seeing the ball drop
Bringing the raw hop, hustling hip hop
The west is feeling us, the east we won't stop
You can take it there, if you think he better than bring him here
I handle mines, sounding like a flat poor dime
This is Marvelous time, and I'm a starve for mine
Let the gem shine, think I'm getting stuck for mine
You got me f**ked up, my whole click, waiting for you dicks
Send a cute four-fifth with dark tints and four fifths
No talking, hit you in your spine, no more walking
Cock back the loss, and let 'em play a coffin
Nigga respect me, I give your right eye, a black eye
Like I'm a lefty, you bleeding with a buck fifty
And that's a pity, a damn shame, playing this game
Look what happened to them cats just for saying my name
Now we got your bitch, in the cubby, running the train
I'm a get her pussy, papi, yo it's never the name
Marvelous, who you think it is? Run in your crib
Looking for the wiz, tying up your wife and kids
I handle my biz, eating out your Kenmore 'fridge
While you, praying for sympathy, hoping you live, what?

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