Open Your Eyes Lyrics (ft. Mac Miller & Chiddy)

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Every day a different car ride, a ticket on the plane
All of a sudden all these people don't be treatin me the same
Treatin' hoes like a bon voyage, see em tomorrow
The second that you wake up baby, I will be gone
I got all the time, I got so much to do
I'm not losing my mind out here f**king with you
Tryin' to travel overseas, blowin smoke in Costa Rica
Beat gettin walked on, the salt is on my sneaker
Keep up we out to the tippy, no ballerina
Rock a show they say eureka, start to do the macarena
Chitty I see ya, we turn 'em to believers
Smoke and get high it'll... (open your eyes)
Trynna do my thing
Figure out who the jokers around, who the kings
Maybe one day, f**k it never say never
For the boys this my pleasure, this the best day ever motherf**ker

[Sample x2]
What on earth are you doing here, in the western world?
Another situation yeah, you're a different girl

[Verse 2: Chiddy]
We live a fast life, no one told us 'bout the speed limit
We in the UK steady smokin weed 'innit?'
Here's my Ducatti flow, kill tracks I body those
We playin, stay in Vegas at the Bellagio
I'm gone, adios, see what you made me do?
Just go and kill some shit, crazy too
The flow is evil nigga, Chuckie's Bride
Pride never tucked aside
When I was just a superstar my mother's eyes
What changed the brother skies, a slight forecast
If i kill these veres, I could get some more cash
The expensive, we someday could afford that
I'm on a plane and they probably could board that
I like the way you brought me down, and it brought me up
It's early mornin' but I'm steamin' nigga, coffee cup
Yeah, just know i'm holdin' the prize, before you know it I'm fire
Why won't you open your eyes?

What on earth are you doing here, in the western world?
Another situation yeah, you're a different girl

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